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Making a Hero Does Not Make a Villain

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend in our society that I’m starting to find a little disturbing. It seems, at least in my opinion, that whenever the collective we decides to honor someone, whether it be in an article, video, or just in conversation, we must also vilify someone else. 922 more words


75 Years of Batman - Part II


‘The idea of Batman starts with alienation and acceptance themes. It’s the idea of a kid orphaned by crime.’ Michael E. Uslan, Legends of the Dark Knight: The History of Batman… 1,808 more words


The many faces of Batman over the last 75 years

As part of their amazing project to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Caped Crusader, Poster Posse have created this fantastic showcase of all the unique takes on Batman that we’ve seen from various creators over the last seven and a half decades.

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EXCLUSIVE!: The Poster Posse Ventures Into Uncharted Territory With PHASE 4 Of Our 75th Anniversary Tribute To Batman

When we say “uncharted territory” we are referencing the fact that we have NEVER done a project of this magnitude.  A 4th phase….are we crazy?   740 more words


Debriefing #25: 'Batman Chronicles Vol. 1'

Batman Chronicles Vol. 1
Writer: Bill Finger
Artist: Bob Kane

James: With a character as popular and long-lasting as Batman, I think modern audiences are quick to take elements of the character for granted. 3,152 more words


Jim Lee discusses Bill Finger and his upcoming return to Batman comic books!

At yesterday’s opening of The Batman Exhibit (which will serve as part of the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour), DC Entertainment’s co-publisher (and my personal favourite artist of all time) Jim Lee shared his thoughts on Batman as a character, (often uncredited) co-creator Bill Finger and – perhaps most excitingly of all (to me at least) – his upcoming return to the world of Batman comics! 348 more words

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