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Detective 85 - the Joker's Double, the Crimson Avenger vs Lone Wolf, and the Boy Commandos vs Agent Axis

Bill Finger and Dick Sprang provide the first of many variations of this story, in which a criminal adopts the guise and/or style of crime of the Joker, in order to deflect suspicion from themselves. 258 more words

Detective 80 - the end of Two-Face

Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson being the story of Harvey Kent to a conclusion in Detective 80 (Oct. 43).  Two-Face gets back out onto the streets, and continues his life of crime. 183 more words

Detective 77 - the Crime Doctor debuts, and the Boy Commandos in the Himilayas

Bill Finger and Bob Kane introduce Matthew Thorne, the Crime Doctor, in Detective 77 (July 1943).

Thorne is a family physician, who advises criminals on the side.  200 more words

Detective 71 - the Joker's Crime-a-Day, and the Boy Commandos go AWOL

Great cover for this Bill Finger/Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson story from Detective 71 (Jan. 43), in which the Joker gives daily clues to his upcoming crimes. 118 more words

Detective 67 - the Penguin opens shop, and the Boy Commandos befriend a hoodlum

The Penguin returns in this story by Bill Finger, with art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.  There are a number of good ideas, but it lacks something. 166 more words

Detective 63 - Batman vs Mr. Baffle, Cliff Crosby and Larry Steele end

Another generic Batman and Robin cover for Detective 63 (May 1942).  Mr. Baffle was good enough to mention, but not to show.

Mr. Baffle is blatantly patterned after the character Raffles, the gentleman thief.  315 more words