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11-Year-Old Genius Gets Higher IQ Score Than Einstein!

11-year-old Ramarni Wilfred of Loom Grove, Romford took a Mensa test and scored higher than Steven Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein! He scored a whopping 162! 183 more words


Apple Will Murder Microsoft and Bury It With BlackBerrys Corpse - Rocco Riffs - TheStreet

Apple Will Murder Microsoft and Bury It With BlackBerrys Corpse – Rocco Riffs – TheStreet.

This is a significant article.

I’ve written at length for my distrust of Microsoft, representing in my view, a road that personal and business computing should have never gone down. 535 more words

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¿Cuál historia se queda contigo? Jobs y Gates en D5 (2007)

Mira este legendario vídeo, a partir del minuto 1 con 32 segundos.

Fíjate como Steve observa a Bill intentando armar la historia para contarla pero distraído por los modelos de computadoras de la época  (irrelevantes en ese momento). 987 more words


Peter Foster: Bill Gates' energy views are a turn-off

Successful entrepreneurs almost invariably have a sense of personal exceptionalism

There are signs that Bill Gates — multi-billionaire do-gooder, Giving Pledge arm twister, and “leverager” of your tax dollars — is at last catching on to the nature and benefits of capitalism, although he still has some way to go. 880 more words

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11 Year-Old Genius Ramarni Wilford Scores Higher Than Einstein on IQ Test

An 11-year-old in the U.K. found out he’s a genius after taking an IQ test. His 162 score makes him smarter than Bill Gates – and… 193 more words


The Billionaire Boys: Reinvesting A Small Percent of the Spoils of Capitalism

The political philosopher Benjamin Barber may be a little theoretical for the general reader, but he really gets what’s happening these days:   “We can be glad Carnegie built libraries, glad that the Gateses are battling AIDS, but inequality will not end because billionaires give back some of the spoils of monopoly.” ( 871 more words

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