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Grading Bill Gates

Could you imagine Grading Bill Gates? Well Columbia University Professor Chris Blattman did just that. What did he grade? A must read for those interested in aid and development. 252 more words

Connecticut Knows About the Circus Surrounding the Common Core

Connecticut knows about circuses, after all, P.T. Barnum is our native son. In an ironic choice of metaphors, David Brooks, columnist for the New York Times… 922 more words

Common Core

Leverage Your Design Technology

“Nobody will ever need more than 64k of memory (Bill Gates’ in 1981),” this sentence is known as one of the most over quoted lines in the history of technology. 422 more words


Autism Awareness Month--Is a cure for autism exactly what we need?

Cutting it close, but It’s not too late for a little Autism Awareness 2014 Love!

If we lived in a world without autism, I thought I’d name just a few of the areas that would have been left sadly vacant. 328 more words


5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Out of School

Have you been thinking about dropping out of school recently? But you haven’t found a reason good enough to just do it like Nike? Fear not, for that is why I’m here. 94 more words

Finding Aladi

Bill Gates on Good News in 2013

Bill Gates posted a “Best Of” blog post for 2013. Here was one of his pieces of good news:

A fantastic Web site got launched. If you love data, and if you’re curious about what causes the most suffering around the world, you should check out the Global Burden of Disease Web site, which was launched early this year. 119 more words

What'sNext Cutting Room Floor

Walter Cronkite's Perfect Selfie

Social media has us all scoffing at the tabloids’ lengthy descriptions of the way Kim Kardashian paired a halter top with the perfect heels…while posting photos of our newest outfit, most recent haircut or freshly purchased Nikes. 83 more words