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Left vs. right in politics

It is sometimes said that the distinction between left and right in political terms is no longer there. Utter nonsense of course. The claim is usually based on the fact that some politicians or political parties that would traditionally be labeled as left on the politcal spectrum might indeed, once they are in a position to make policy, talk or act in a way that is in reality more right (and vice versa of course). 444 more words

This Is How I See It

brainpicking on a mind of a genius.

April 16, 2014

His brilliance is beyond question. He never fails to amaze with his inventions. I’m talking about this gifted guy who’s Intelligence quotient excels beyond the reach of the average thinker. 397 more words



Lambok, Nama yang sangat keren, unik dan masih sangat jarang di muka bumi ini.

Saya yakin namaku ini akan menjadi mashyur dan menyamai nama tokoh-tokoh idola saya, seperti Achilles, Alexander The Great, Abraham Lincoln, Benyamin Franklin, Soekarno, Bill Gates, Donald Trumph, Chairul Tanjung, Napoleon Hill, Carnegie, John C Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Emerson, Warren Buffet

If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.

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Is Technology Taxing School Budgets?

As the Vermont school district consolidation debate rages on (H.883), I would like to focus for a moment on technology, and how it might relate to rising education costs.  1,795 more words


Bill Gates' TED Talk on Education: "Rich men are afflicted"

In 2009 Bill Gates gave a TED Talk on Malaria, Mosquitos and Education.
The relevance of the malarial section will become clear in the graphics taken from the TED Talk displayed below. 284 more words

Grammar Schools

Bill Gates: Out of 1600, One

A recent video I have watched on a website that I frequent often, TED.com, made me wonder: Among the world’s billionaires, the planet’s wealthiest of them all, is there anyone deserving of such wealth and power as Bill Gates? 342 more words

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation