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Authentic Leadership: The Crucible and the journey from "I" to "We"

In my last post I said that authentic leadership involves a journey from “I” to “we” which is often triggered by a “crucible” experience. This idea is captured in the research of George and Sims recorded in their book True North, but it is also happens to be my experience. 769 more words

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Authentic Leadership: The Journey from "I" to "we".

When I first started blogging I described the journey that inspired my blog as a journey from “I” to “we”. George and Sims, in their book, True North, describe leadership in general as a journey and authentic leadership specifically as a journey from “I” to “we”. 864 more words

Personal Transformation

Fixing the ‘I Hate Work’ Blues

Many employees report they are overworked and not engaged—a recent New York Times article on the phenomenon was titled, “Why You Hate Work.” The problem, says Bill George, is that the way we design work stifles engagement. 995 more words