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Climate change, death and rebirth – a doomsday hypothesis

“The heavens have had their dropsy, they drowned the world; and they shall have their fever, and burn the world.” – John Donne, Devotions on Emergent Occasions. 1,186 more words

Climate Change

Exxon Mobil's response to climate change is consummate arrogance

Exxon Mobil said: ‘we are confident that none of our hydrocarbon reserves are now or will become ‘stranded” Photograph: Murdo Macleod

Monday saw the release of the latest climate report from the planet’s scientists. 711 more words


#MB2025 Kickoff A Huge Success! Exclusive Waxman Video - Why We Need To Go 100% Renewable

Here’s the first of our reports on last night’s great launch of the #MB2025 vision for a 100% renewably powered Manhattan Beach by 2025. Our MB2025 Forum hosted by Manhattan Beach Mayor, Amy Howorth, was a full house and began with a direct video message to the audience… 337 more words

Climate Change

The Democratic Civil War Over Energy

Green demands to stop drilling for natural gas come at an awkward time for Obama and his party

Kimberley Strassel writes: The environmental left is seeing Democrats the… 452 more words


More on McKibben

In an early episode of the television series Mad Men (set in the 1960s), there is a scene where main character Don Draper and his family picnic in the countryside, and after their car drives away the camera slowly pans deliberately to the picnic spot to show the rubbish they have left there fluttering in the breeze. 754 more words

Smashing antique clocks

In Bill McKibben’s new Oil and Honey, a memoir of his recent environmental activism, he comments that good farming should “leave the land better than you found it”. 363 more words

Sustaining Story Saturday - Catching Up

This week I had a chance to listen to several thoughtful conversations about sustainability and earth centered development at the Whole Earth Summit.  There were so many good ideas shared about addressing climate change, eliminating poverty globally, and addressing social justice issues  – all aspects of sustainability and improving the quality of life around the world. 236 more words

Sustaining Story Saturday