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We need an alternative

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So lately I’ve been thinking about our current economic model. I’ve had this thought rolling around in my head for a while, but a book I’m reading called  479 more words

A Pipeline for Mr. Nocera

Joe Nocera is one of my least favorite of the regular New York Times columnists. I almost always disagree with him; I like to read his columns just to see what kind of inane argument he’s going to concoct this time for an untenable position. 581 more words


The Rhetoric of Climate Change Writing

I’m starting a course on investigative journalism, and this week I’m analyzing environmental writing that I find intriguing, convincing, motivating, frustrating, or preposterous.

It’s appropriate to start with Rachel Carson’s condemnation of the use of pesticides, … 1,049 more words


Plunging Oil Prices and Renewable Energy

Alejandro Manrique is a colleague from Argentina, who, last year, demonstrated his great generosity: he donated a ton of time to translate a great deal of our content here into Spanish… 224 more words

Fossil Fuels

Waking Up--Inwardly--Christmas Morn

This Christmas I rise and learn–
by 2030 a billion more humans will suffer hunger–corn yields fall in warmer weather.

Six years ago, the president of the Maldives got… 227 more words


Bill McKibben Speaks: A Global Climate Treaty…

ETV Weekly News

Bill McKibben Speaks: A Global Climate Treaty…

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