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People's Climate March: Capturing the Human Essence of the Climate Change Movement

We are in a time period where the hope for social change burns more intensely than ever before. Even as we see economic conditions worsening in many parts of the world, with austerity measures and corporate welfare dominating the policy decisions of many nations, there remains a hope that the virtual spaces which foster instantaneous connectivity will raise the possibility of social action to enact meaningful change. 1,502 more words


Calling All Warriors of the Rainbow

According to prophecy, the world as we know it will soon be destroyed by human greed. Economies will collapse, governments will crumble, birds will fall dead from the sky, and fish will go belly up as the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans of the world turn black with pollution. 3,676 more words

350.org can't connect consecutive years, much less 'connect the dots'

You just have to laugh. In their zeal to make the current drought situation all about their irrational CO2 fears, Bill McKibben’s 350.org tweeted this ridiculous comparison of before and after at California’s Folsom Reservoir, near me. 106 more words


Clorox® copy and post-traumatic-radio-show wounds

I love hearing and sharing backstories – the story behind the edited, bleached version that is printed.

A few days ago, an editor made me laugh when he told me he was shipping back the “Cloroxed” version of my piece. 1,337 more words


Climate Issues Addressed Today after "Boehner Says He’s ‘Not Qualified’ To Talk About Climate Science. Here’s How Scientists Responded."

Earlier today President Obama announced new proposals for regulating carbon emissions from power plants.

They’re a good thing — some advocates think they could be stronger; others are powerfully supportive. 1,523 more words

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