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By leaking documents that allege that US government has been illegally collecting data on hundreds of millions of Americans’ communications without any court authorization by invoking flimsy catch-all justifications of national security, Edward Snowden has put himself in the middle of the very important debate and overnight become a polarizing figure. 677 more words



As many on this blog are aware, I have previously testified, written, and litigated in opposition to the rise of executive power and the countervailing decline in congressional power in our tripartite system. 733 more words


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Lets hope you and the House are successful, this is a very important issue as I know you know. I wish you the best and lets hope the separation of powers, so critical to our Constitution and form of government, is upheld.

Period 3 - U.S History Honors (1-27-2015)


Unit #1 – A Nation is Born

Chapter #2 – Growth & Conflict (1789-1877)

Section #1 – The New Republic

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will understand the United States’s growth rate during this period with 90% accuracy in 3 of 4 trials. 268 more words

U.S. History Lessons

Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance Gets 19 Years at Ft. Leavenworth because He defended his Troops against Islamic Jihadists

First Lieutenant Clint Lorance never imagined that following the rule of engagement to save not only his life, but the lives of his fellow soldiers against Islamic enemies would result in him spending nearly two decades in prison.

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This is total BS and I'm beginning to thing that the US Military is no longer capable or rational thought! With this attitude we would never have won WW II that is a fact.

From Fake Rapes To ‘Microaggressions,’ Colleges Have Lost Their Way

U.S. colleges foster and encourage lynch mobs and thought police in place of actual education. It’s time for serious reform.

Daniel Payne writes: For anyone still keeping up with the University of Virginia’s fraternity gang-rape fiasco, this month brought a bit of good news: the Charlottesville Police Department announced it could find  817 more words

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When you want to change the form of government you must first change the sentiments of the people and that has now been done though the education system though PC and Multiculturalism. I hope its not to late to change!

Bergdahl to Be Charged with Desertion

“Bill, the Army has come to its conclusion and Bowe Bergdahl,” Shaffer said, “Sgt. Bergdahl will be charged with desertion. I have been told and confirmed by two other sources that his attorney was given what we call a charge sheet.

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Its clear from the accounts that he did desert so there was no choice. No the issue will be what will the administration allows the courts martial to convict him of as this is now a political decision!

Police Encounters: Know Your Rights

Important information everyone should be proficient in and prepared for during police encounters.

Here is a secondary source of information regarding your rights.

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