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The Primary Ideals of the Enlightenment in Terms of Politics and Constitutionalism

The Enlighten writers known as the philosophes called for a “political order that would be secular, reasonable, humane, pacific, open and free.” (1 ) Further, this political order would have “freedom in its many forms; freedom from arbitrary power, freedom of speech, freedom of trade . 1,188 more words


Retired general says political correctness is deadly to US

Stars and Stripes:

By Drew Brooks,The Fayetteville Observer, N.C. (MCT) September 16, 2014:

PINEHURST — A retired three-star general railed against the Obama administration, political correctness, the media and rules of engagement during a speech Monday night at Sandhills Community College. 650 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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If you can't identify the enemy than you have lost the war!

John Locke's Social Contract Theory

John Locke’s social contract theory is a reaction against Thomas Hobbes’ version of classic Social Contract Theory. Laid out in his masterwork, “Leviathan”, Hobbes’ social contract theory is essentially that, to avoid a life that was, as he put it, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” and also to prevent an existence “where every man is enemy to every man”, all people must give up, or alienate, their rights to the supreme sovereign government or the Leviathan. 369 more words


'Civil Forfiture' and the Abuse of Power

The Saginaw County, Michigan Sheriff was in the news again with a seized vehicle that he has converted to departmental use.  While the Honda Element he now drives, like the Lincoln Town Car and Ford Mustang that preceded it was taken from people arrested and convicted of crimes, the vehicle itself was seized without a judge or jury sentencing the defendant(s) to loss of their property after a fair trial as part of the ‘due process’ that the Anglo-American system of jurisprudence mandates.   477 more words


The Influence of John Locke on the Declaration of Independence

John Locke was the greatest of the Enlightenment political philosophers.  In his work: “An Essay Concerning the True Original, Extent and End of Civil Government”, Locke proposed that all men have certain inalienable rights. 349 more words

Bill Of Rights

Politics: Good point by Laura Ingraham: It's risky for the GOP to bank everything on ObamaCare

Politics: Good point by Laura Ingraham: It’s risky for the GOP to bank everything on ObamaCare | Best of Cain.

I must say, one of the biggest perils, I believe, is the notoriously short memory of the American public. 170 more words


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Well we will see how he feels when he turns 75 in 18 years!

Eliminate "Free Speech"

The theory is that we enjoy a right of free speech.  But that’s not true.  What the Bill of Rights says is, “Congress shall make no law . 462 more words