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NSA mass spying undermines journalists and attorneys’ ability to work

Dozens of journalists and attorneys surveyed by the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch for a new report say that the United States government’s surveillance operations are eroding their ability to work. 233 more words


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The solution is to communicate and work off line as much as is possible — back to paper and pencil so to speak.

Michael Connelly’s The Fifth Witness-Mickey Haller: The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Haller, Mickey, is in a bit of a bind. For a defense attorney, the recession means more people are going to the public defenders office. 175 more words

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The Rights of Society- Part 3

This article is the second in a series of three articles on the rights of a society. For the previous posts, click here for part 1 and… 1,095 more words


Ignorance and The Great Books

So I’m jamming to some good tunes, just driving along minding my own business. Then a thought interrupts my listening pleasure immediately followed by another, “How in the hell did this guy get elected?” “How did I get from music to politics? 763 more words

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Freedom is not Free

I used to work with a Vietnamese man who was a civil engineer when the communists took over in Vietnam.  He and his family were held captive on a beach, but he was able to escape and make his way over to America with his family.  1,104 more words

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My thoughts on freedom in the United States and how I believe it is at risk

DemProg Hubris Reaches New Level: 'You don't have a right to know what the government is doing'

If a Republican were in the Oval Office right now, the Dems would be having grand mal seizures over the corruption and secrecy.

From the… 595 more words


Why Have a Bill of Rights ?

In any free society that area of life which is left to the sole discretion of the individual includes all actions that are not specifically forbidden by a general law. 985 more words

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