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Massive Metal Monday: “Trashed” By Black Sabbath

Born Again is Black Sabbath‘s highly underrated album from 1983. Having suffered the loss of their second singer and drummer in five years when Ronnie James Dio and Vinnie Appice left to form Dio, many folks had written Black Sabbath off…

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Black Sabbath Born Again Documentary

The “Born Again”album is by many Sabbath fans considered as the black sheep of all Black Sabbath albums.  Surprise maybe but i love the album. Ian Gillan commented on the cover with the words: “I vomited when i first saw it” and Bill Ward said that he hated the cover.

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Quickies: The music video for Aborted's 'Cenobites' was almost in time for Halloween

Thank god we give you the Merriment for the week on Monday. Otherwise, Mondays would REALLY suck.

  • I’m sure most of you are aware at this point, but…
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Black Sabbath may yet tour with its original lineup, hints Ozzy Osbourne

For all those diehard Black Sabbath fans who saw the band in concert last year and went, “Man, that was wicked, but how cool would it have been with Bill Ward!”, there is still hope. 280 more words

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Ozzy Osbourne Hopes Bill Ward Will Be Part Of Black Sabbath's Farewell

Black Sabbath are planning a farewell album/tour and Ozzy Osbourne is hopeful that Bill Ward will be part of it.

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Ozzy still hopes Bill Ward will be part of the upcoming farewell reunion...

Black Sabbath is not quite finished with their career yet. They have one last album and one last tour in the works; however, the band still wants Bill Ward to be a part of it. 128 more words