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November 26 in history

43 BC – The Second Triumvirate alliance of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (“Octavian”, later “Caesar Augustus”), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony was formed.

783 – The Asturian queen… 627 more words


The Swedenborgian twelve steps

Throughout A.A.’s history are indications of the devil’s handiwork. These are small things, perhaps, but indicative nevertheless. It was still astounding to discover that occultist Emanuel Swedenborg had written about ‘twelve steps’ more than one hundred and fifty years before the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous. 118 more words

A.A. co-founder bought into New Thought rejection of Christ

“But messages as to the availability of grace, salvation, and the mind of Christ presented a strange and soon unacceptable Christian package for Bill and Lois Wilson. 45 more words

ReTweets Spread Truth - Alcoholics Anonymous Is Bad For Your Brain

One of my latest stories got picked up from a retweet to a wider audience.  This is new territory for me and I have Ken Anderson to thank for passing it along.   77 more words

Laura Tompkins

Alcoholics Anonymous Destroys Self-Esteem and Self-Sufficiency

I have discovered that this program called Alcoholics Anonymous is dangerous in ways that may be difficult to understand.  Most people, in general, need to find self-love and empowerment.   1,034 more words

Laura Tompkins

Are Addicted People Really "Wired Differently"?

There was a time, up until quite recently if I’m being honest, that I gained a quiet comfort from the notion that because I was once unable to function without alcohol, I am “wired differently”. 1,283 more words

The High PROFITS of the 12 Step Cult Religion and Bain Capital

The following article will educate you on the annual profits made by the 12 step industry.  Whenever steppers claim that their cult is free, you now have proof that it is most certainly not in any way, shape or form,  1,814 more words

Truth Regarding Alcoholics Anonymous