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Dare to dream

Why are there some people out there who seem to ‘have it all’? What is so different about them, compared to you?

Is it that they’re smarter? 219 more words


Prema Forbsu, Bill Gates ponovo najbogatiji čovjek na svijetu.

Osnivač Microsofta, Bill Gates je povratio titulu najbogatijeg čovjeka na svijetu na najnovijoj Forbsovoj listi bilionera. Forbsova finansijska publikacija cijeni Gatesovo bogatsvo na 76 biliona američkih dolara… 32 more words


Facts About Bill Gates

For Those Who Are “Financial Conscious” Read These Facts Carefully And Generate Inner “Motive And Aspiration” To Do Something With Your Life In Financial Word… Money Is Not Evil But “The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil” 11 more words


Windows 8.1

By : Kevin Affandi

Windows 8.1 membawa kita menuju jalan baru untuk memaksimalkan PC kita. Ia cepat, gesit, interaktif, dan dirancang untuk kebebasan, untuk melakukan yang kita inginkan. 153 more words

Microsoft’s Successful Press Release (Blog 6 for Jour 4460)

By: Megan Wardlaw

On February 4, Microsoft put out a press release to announce that Satya Nadella would be their company’s new CEO.

Nadella will be Microsoft’s third CEO, following past CEOs, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. 552 more words

Yesterday I saw a movie named ‘Pirates of the Silicon Valley’. It’s about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I saw the whole movie and realised that wow! 271 more words