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Billionaire Fakes Ice Challenge To Avoid Donating Millions

If you’re a billionaire, I don’t think a million or two will hurt you. The Ice Bucket Challenge has become a nationwide awareness and charity for ALS. 78 more words


Chinese Billionaire Who Upset NYC's Homeless Allegedly Faked Ice Bucket Challenge

Chen Guangbiao, the Chinese billionaire who has cited motivations of “harmonizing relations between China and the United States” and “restoring the image of China’s wealthy”— 289 more words

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A man who once played a villain in a James Bond film now makes his living building personal submarines for billionaires like Richard Branson. But in an effort to be more inclusive to the average person who doesn’t have a billion dollars, he also builds these personal submarines for mere millionaires.


BREAKING NEWS>>>> NHL Expansion to Las Vegas "A Done Deal"

For years now, Gary Bettman has politely rebuffed inquiries about possible NHL expansion, saying that the league was always listening to pitches, but that it wasn’t at a point where it was willing to seriously consider welcoming any new members to the family. 145 more words

The riddle of the billionaire and the president.

There is a kids’ joke that goes pinch-ma and pinch-me are in a boat; pinch-ma falls over board, who’s left … at which point you answer Pinch-me and get a bit of flesh tweaked. 1,035 more words


Poverty is not ok!

Aren’t you tired of living your life as if there wasn’t any? Aren’t you tired of not being able to go and come as you please? 278 more words

Mark Zuckerberg Sued Over Real Estate Spat

STEVEN IVY P.C. – REAL ESTATE LAW – Mircea Voskerician, real estate developer in California, is suing Zuckerberg over a spat involving property behind the 30-year-old Internet billionaire’s home. 39 more words

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