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The Designated Devil Du Jour

Mao, bin Laden, Saddam, Putin, Ayatollah Anybody…

The unifying power of a common enemy is well-known and often exploited. As Condoleeza Rice reportedly said in a Houston speech in 2000, “We need a common enemy to unite us.” 443 more words

Human Nature

Bin Laden, Haiti and Supreme Court: Clinton Papers

Former US President Bill Clinton asked advisers for more information on Osama bin Laden in 1998 after flagging a newspaper story, according to records from the Clinton White House that were released y… 8 more words

GM is alive. Drivers are dead.

Hat Tip: GM is alive. Drivers are dead. Any questions?

Remember the “arrogant”2012 bumper sticker based on Joe Biden’s “boast” at the DNC?

It now appears that many American… 586 more words


New World Order - A Preperatory Course


There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world’s wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown) whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. 2,824 more words

Justifiable Paranoia

Fees, fees and more fees

TSA and airports in the US are raising fees we pay to fly in the US:

1. The 9-11 security fees will rise to $11.20 from $5. 179 more words


Al-Baghdadi following in bin Laden’s footsteps

A file image made available by the jihadist Twitter account Al-Baraka News on June 9, 2014 allegedly shows Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants waving the trademark jihadi flag as vehicles drive on a newly cut road through the Syrian-Iraqi border between the Iraqi Nineveh province and the Syrian town of Al-Hasakah. 1,464 more words