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ESP for Psychic Readings with Psychic Powers

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) helps one acquire psychic powers to deliver true psychic readings. It has widely been recognized as the intuitive power that few gifted individuals are either born with or develop later in life activating perceptions through their sixth sense. 621 more words

Binaural Beats | Digital Drugs |

let me say that before doing this, earlier today i did yoga. i had like 3 cups of coffee, ate very little,then listened to some dance music. 293 more words


Binaural Beats

So sometimes when having trouble sleeping I listen to Binaural Beats play. The sounds are very relaxing and soothing. They usually slow my fast moving mind down as well. 12 more words


In this day and age it is  harder than ever to stay focused on a single objective. You’ve got 17 different social media sites to check, selfies to take, angry birds to fling and tv shows to binge watch. 378 more words


Endorphin Release

What are endorphins? And what does endorphin release mean?

Imagine you got injured and still there is not even a little sensation of pain in your body, rather you are feeling the opposite, i.e., fully relaxed and energetic even in the organ that specifically got injured. 470 more words

Opening Chakras: Mark Virkler and the Sid Roth Show

There is a great deal of information on chakras, written by Hindus, Buddhists,  Satanist and New Agers.

  I am more than happy to acknowledge that  I am no expert on this subject, nor do I desire to become one.  935 more words

Charismatic Witchcraft


So if no one has figured it out already, I’m on an emotional roller coaster… Recovering from EDNOS (which idk that I ever can get over), major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, BPD and whatever else they tell me. 399 more words