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From Paris by Thalys

EARLIER THIS WEEK I had to travel from Paris to Amsterdam.

After years of criss-crossing Europe courtesy of Air France, I’ve come to realise that being seduced into thinking that a one-hour flight might be the quickest and most convenient way to travel between these two cities is a myth perpetuated only by the prospect of accumulating more, usually unclaimed, air miles. 668 more words


Binaural Audio

Binaural Audio (360 degree audio if you like) gives the listener the perception of audio surrounding them and can be listened through any pair of ordinary headphones. 248 more words


The Marché Barbès and its Sounds

STRETCHING ALONG THE Boulevard de la Chapelle from Barbès Rochechouart Métro station to rue de Chartres, the Marché Barbès is not for the faint hearted. Even getting to the market can be a challenge since some of the market often spills over into the Métro station itself. 367 more words


Binaural Recording

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for the human brain to so accurately detect the location of a perceived sound? We only have two ears, yet somehow we are able to discern the differences between sounds originating from any direction within our 3-dimensional environment – in front, behind, above, below, left or right. 689 more words

Making Music

Binaural nature recording and setup

My personal aim with nature recordings is to just capture the nature, the weather, the seasons, the situation as it is out there. I hope to let the listener experience and get a sensation of a particular spot and time through photos and especially  sound. 470 more words


I've said it before but I'll say it again - Get Headphones!!!

I recently broke my beloved headphones that gave me super clear audio and had been in my life for 10 years 😥 so reluctantly it was time for an upgrade. 501 more words