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let me say that before doing this, earlier today i did yoga. i had like 3 cups of coffee, ate very little,then listened to some dance music. 293 more words


VRcade's The Nightmare Machine (Kickstarter Campaign)

Aiming to be the leader in Virtual Reality horror experiences¬†is the immersive VR haunted house in Seattle called ‘The Nightmare Machine’ which promises to be one of the most terrifying events this Halloween. 493 more words

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Personal Growth Through Binaural Beats And Holosync

This article is designed to help you understand the relatively new technology of Binaural Beats, as used in the Holosync recordings. You should be aware of how this technology works, the benefits it can bestow and any potential dangers that may come from its use. 1,255 more words


WARNING! Extreme Ultra Deep Meditation - Brain Wave Binaural



http://PowerfulMindSecrets.com Listen with headphones. Early morning time is best. :) This Binaural is very powerful
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Guided Meditation into Astral Projection // Lucid Dream // OBE w binaural beats



Binaural beats: Use stereo headphones*** This meditation will help to guide you into an astral projection. For best results use the ‘Wake and Back to Bed’…
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Orangutan Observation

The longer this war goes on, the more of our humanity we lose.

Song Lyrics to, “Insignificance” by Eddie Vedder;

from the Pearl Jam album “Binaural.”