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A very important book

So this is how I keep track of things. That, and my computer where I have a waiting list with people’s names and a matching list once they’ve chosen their puppy. 162 more words


Finals Week: The Struggle Bus

Hello, lovelies!

I know it’s been a thousand years since I last posted. I’ve been missing it a lot, but here’s why: FINALS. The end of the semester is wrapping up and it’s been crazy! 442 more words


StoreSMART Binder Page for 2 CDs Cards 25Pack For

The more positive energy you put into the creation of your Book of Shadows, the more power you can draw from it when doing your spells and rituals. 299 more words

Faith Formation Filofax

I will admit, with no shame or apologies, that I am a planner junkie, lol. Not hardcore, but attached nonetheless :) Anything paper, stationary, office supplies, etc. 358 more words


Plans Genuine Xerox OEM DocuTech 1151355090539056906100613561556180 Binder Tape Blue 8R7189

Xerox supplies high-quality printers. I have known companies that view xerox as their preeminent brand when it comes to printing. While xerox printers are good, they are not problem-free. 229 more words

Study: vintage IDL binder clip

One of my (many) weaknesses is extraordinary ordinary things, be they novel or antique. This binder clip has the dubious distinction of being my favorite individual binder clip. 429 more words


You're The Nerd!

I’ve talked about my planner before, haven’t I? If you’ve organized anything with me or seen me around town or follow my Instagram or know me even a little, you know I like my planner. 413 more words