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On the one hand, I’m gladĀ I ordered those binders the other night, because mine sure as hell is too big.

On the other hand, it’s clear to me that I DO need something full-torso, and not just because it’s safer/more comfortable. 96 more words

Gender Expression

23 binders...TWENTY-THREE binders

How did it happen? How did I acquire TWENTY-THREE binders over the last 3 years? (Clearly, this may be part of the reason it took me so long to save up for my top surgery.) 203 more words

Round Patio Tablecloth with tassel trim

Cut a quick circle: Fold twice and draw a curved edge

Fold a big square of fabric in quarters and mark an arc along raw edges from centre point out. 233 more words


in my heart

How can you say that you’re my solution?
I choose this or none at all

I choose you through all the pain

all the hells I have traveled to be my goddess, my queen… 53 more words


A Question of Quality: The Rise of Luxury Books

As many of my followers know, my planned book launch on the 27 August was postponed, due to the unfortunate discovery that the printers and binders did an unsatisfactory or unacceptable job on both the printing and the binding. 469 more words


Burst: energy that exceeds its container, as in the bur of a dock plant, that hooks onto your clothing or an animal’s fur and is transported great distances, the bursting of a cloud, a flower bursting forth, a broom bristling and making dust move faster than the broom itself, a sudden surge of speed, the drone of an extended vowel (a burr) and so on. 103 more words


Fifth Quilt: The Peaceful Planet

On August 12th I started the Peaceful Planet Quilt with the intention of giving it as a gift to my niece for her birthday. She was to visit from Washington as a birthday gift from her mom and my plan was to have it done by then. 663 more words