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Reflections on New Wine 2014 – 10


Luke 10:19

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dawkins on deliverance 3 – Taking up the spiritual authority which is ours

Robby Dawkins’ book – a mixture of good stories and good practice… 681 more words




The following  is the contents of this article:

  • Introduction
  • The requirements to create an ENDPOINT
  • What an Address is
  • Brief on Binding
  • Summary


In earlier days a developer needs to do a lot of ground work to shape the communication architecture between the components, but now Microsoft provides WCF, a flexible programming framework that abstracts a lot of complexity in creating the services. 700 more words


Best services for your office supplies

Your office is a place where you need a lot of organization and order. Even with technology, there are lots of papers and other things lying around that would need to be stored and maintained in the right way so that you do not lose anything especially the important papers and details like agreements and legal documents. 338 more words

Binding Supplies

Colin Craig on binding referendums

Making Citizens Initiated Referenda binding is a bottom line policy for the Conservative Party. Colin Craig has stated:

Binding Referenda is a bottom line for our party. 

3,892 more words

Where to Print

The limiting factor on how many volumes I am printing has more to do with the cost than anything. Finding a company that will just print your book and not sell it in retail is a bit of a difficult task.   543 more words



It’s Saturday!!! How did it get to be Saturday already?? I truly have no idea where this week has gone……. I can’t even tell you what I’ve done this week to keep me away from posting for you! 188 more words

Transitioning at work (part I)

This is a topic every trans person has to face during their transition, whether that occurs as a teenager in school, or an adult looking for a job or in an already established career. 834 more words