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New Flow Snowboard Bindings

After many requests for us to stock Flow snowboard bindings, we listened and ordered a range of models in.These included the NX2, the Fuse, the Fuse GT and the Five. 439 more words


Ride Rodeo Bindings Review

The Ride Rodeo Bindings were designed for hard charging park guys, but is that just a load of marketing bull squirt or will they really help you stomp tricks in the park? 679 more words


The William Redver Stark sketchbooks: the details

Over the next few months, the blog will feature a series of articles to uncover behind-the-scenes conservation work. This work ensures that the Library and Archives Canada collection is maintained, preserved and available for future generations to enjoy. 605 more words

Our Collection And Facilities

Review: Union Scott Stevens Contact binding

Scott Stevens is perhaps the most creative house hold name currently in snowboarding so I jumped at the opportunity to demo his pro model binding. 195 more words


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40+ Snowboarder can highly recommend these bindings...got em, use em and love em!

A Tale of Two Bindings

If you read my last post you may recall that I have had some minor issues as I attempt to start learning how to ski. I had gone to multiple ski shops only to find that no one would adjust my ski bindings. 880 more words

Books of Human Flesh: The History behind Anthropodermic Bibliopegy

Amongst a collection of medical oddities housed at the Surgeons’ Hall Museum in Edinburgh lies a tattered pocketbook , no longer than the length of a man’s hand. 760 more words


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Not for the faint-hearted, but this older blog post from the Chirurgeon's Apprentice caught my eye. Using human skin to cover book bindings: Post-mortem punishment, commemoration or celebrity fetishization? And here's a more recent post on a pocket book covered in the nineteenth-century body snatcher William Burke's skin by Lindsey Fitzharris on the same site. With this cheating post, I'm taking a break from blogging until after Christmas break (i.e. the time to catch up on a load of stuff I should have been writing about ages ago!)

The 2015 Rome 390 Boss Bindings

by Justin Phipps,

Rome’s 390 Boss binding is a very much alike their 390, if you’ve ever ridden it before. The Boss has a different and stiffer ankle strap in my opinion than the 390. 162 more words