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Time to Be My Own Boss

After 9 years of Internet marketing I have decided to create my own destiny! Introducing – Bridgetown Marketing, building bridges to the future of your business!


Fun with the Bing Ads Login Process

Oh Bing… Why are consistently finding new ways to annoy the crap out of everyone?

Today I’m just referring to logging into Bing Ads.

That’s right: logging in. 891 more words

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Google AdWords And Bing Ads: Going Once, Going Twice!

Have you tried looking for a needle in a haystack? Well, that’s how it is on the Internet! With more and more people creating website on the Internet, chances are your website is going to be at the bottom of the pile and gets eaten up by the big ‘sharks.’ Unless you find a way to get to the top, you won’t get your fair share of ‘surfers’ getting to your site. 352 more words


Bing Ads: What You Need To Know Before Anything Else

Many people are asking about how pay-per-click works and how it is managed. Before dealing with those, it would be best to know more about what these pay-per-click platforms can do. 324 more words


Bing Ads: Yahoo For The Bing!

We hate to burst your bubble, but Google is not the only name with the pay-per-click system. Yes, you read that right! Information technology mogul, Microsoft has Bing and Yahoo! 320 more words