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Using Bing Maps API for newbies - Part 1

From my previous posts, I have been talking about different components you can add to your Windows Store Apps and today we’ll be looking at implementing the… 383 more words

Bing Spatial Data Services meets 3D

At //build/ 2014 there were many exciting announcements. It would have been easy to miss one of the implications of the moment of glory for Internet Explorer 11 during the… 1,145 more words

Bing Maps

Bing Maps

Microsoft Adds 3D Imagery Of 15 New Cities To The Bing Maps Preview App For Windows 8.1

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Staying Fit with Bing Maps

I just feel better when I have a certain level of fitness. It has less to do with bringing my body into shape for the speedo season and more with general happiness. 1,094 more words

Bing Maps

Bing Maps and SharePoint Online (part 2)

Ok. I stand corrected. In my previous post (https://alberthoitingh.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/connect-bing-maps-to-sharepoint-online/) I was wondering why I could not add the Bing Maps API key to my SharePoint Online environment. 215 more words

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Connect Bing Maps to SharePoint Online

One of the nicest features of SharePoint which I have come across is the geo-location field. You can use this to show a location on the (Bing) map. 439 more words

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Geo-fencing with Bing Spatial Data Services and Azure Mobile Services

Triggering certain actions such as sending notifications or alerts when a device enters or leaves an area is often referred to as geo-fencing. The geo-fence, the boundary of the area of interest, can be dynamic like a radius around a school or around your own device, it can be pre-defined such as a neighborhood, city or county, or it can be an area defined and digitized for a specific purpose. 2,274 more words

Bing Maps