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First CPN appointment in 7 weeks

So tomorrow will be my first appointment in 7 weeks. The last time I saw them they said they wanted to see me more often as they felt that I was losing trust in them because I was being monitored at a distance (once every two weeks if I was luck although if I was struggling at any point I was told that I was to call their duty worker and they’d see me on the day) and I was losing trust in them. 235 more words


The Effects of alcohol on the Body

Even a small amount of alcohol has an effect on your body. When you drink, alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream and distributed throughout your body. 481 more words


Tonight...We're Drinking from the Bottle!

Shots shots shots shots shots shots EVERYBODY!! Who doesn’t love a good bit of alcohol? Unfortunately, the government has announced its plan to introduce warning labels on bottles of alcohol, similar to those found on cigarette packets, in a bid to warn people of the health implications that drinking could possibly cause. 783 more words

Big night out in Wexford Street last night

The street was full

Of glamour in platforms and micro minis clattering into clubs and pubs

Whelans selling a Jack and Coke for  €5. A Jack Daniels and Coke for €5? 30 more words


The Holy Grail of Moderation (and how a tube of Pringles doesn't in any way equal a Nando's).

Hi there, it’s been a while. Sorry about that.

I’ve been reliably informed that if I continue to deprive my ‘followers’ of regular, scintillating blog posts then they’ll resolutely ignore any that I do make in favour of clicking on links to incredible make-up transformations that see Clare Balding turned into Sharon Stone with a little clever contouring. 849 more words


Week Fourteen to Sixteen - Deficiency and Reward

I have not feeling well for the past two weeks, and by not feeling well I am mean feeling just ‘blah’. I think that it is dangerous to feel ‘blah’ in the first months of recovery, so I was concerned. 751 more words


How I Finally Got With The Program (Part 3)

The whole point of drinking is to get drunk. Acting “silly,” blacking out, and hangovers are all just part of it. I have never understood the concept of just having one or two – seriously, isn’t that kind of a waste of the one or two?  494 more words