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Recovery Is A Bitch

I keep telling myself I don’t have a problem.
I keep telling myself that it’s not bad to want a drink or three each night. 43 more words

Binge Writing

Binge writing is a lot like binge drinking. It feels really good at the time. Uninhibited, freedom, no censor. You feel terrible the next day and you swear you’ll never do it again, but you do. 336 more words


The land of potatoes and Guinness...and more Guinness

This stage Irish characterisation is taken from;  http://www.uncoverdiscover.com

The context; Top 10 beer drinking countries – Ireland is ranked 4th in the world. It continues; 156 more words


How Giving Up Alcohol Improved My Fitness, Health and Muscle Gain

My decision to go teetotal

Just a year ago, I was a skinny ‘binge drinker,’ perhaps borderline alcoholic, drinking to get drunk 2-3 times a week, where one can of beer was never enough. 338 more words


Combined chronic alcohol and marijuana use during youth can compromise white-matter integrity

Chronic alcohol and marijuana during youth is associated with worsened neurocognitive abilities into later adolescence and adulthood. his may be due to biological and psychosocial transitions occurring during adolescence that impart increased vulnerability to neurotoxic influences. 75 more words


Keller @ Large: Binge-Drinking Storm Batters Bay State

BOSTON (CBS) – What a terrible situation yesterday for people in Revere, our hearts go out to those left homeless or with badly damaged homes or businesses. 374 more words


Friday is Crunchie, not Jameson whiskey

Jameson 40% alcohol on Facebook

“Thank Crunchie its Friday” belongs to Cadburys, not Pernod Ricard

To see Pernod Ricard hijack the slogan for their assault on Facebook, is highly provocative… 136 more words