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more bio page info tomorrow

I mean it this time. I’ll try to update every single bio page tomorrow. I got caught up today in watching Netflix. I’ll start with Nicole and Cody and work my way through the rest. No keeper page


In linea...con gli integratori BIO

Stili di vita frenetici, errate abitudini alimentari e scarsa attività fisica, sono spesso causa di un aumento del peso corporeo.
Spesso gli integratori  sono di aiuto cosi  per i miei  PROGRAMMI  ho scelto di utilizzare  , una gamma completa di integratori a base di estratti erboristici dedicata a chi vuole intraprendere un programma per il controllo del peso, nell’ambito di una dieta ipocalorica adeguata, seguendo uno stile di vita sano, con un buon livello di attività fisica. 179 more words


Bio meets Business at Hotel Villa Orange, Frankfurt

Finding eco-friendly, sustainable accommodation in Frankfurt, Germany‘s finance capital, is not as easy as one might expect from a large city in the land so dedicated to recycling and its “Energiewende” (transition from nuclear and coal to renewable energy). 111 more words

Eco Friendly

The “Dirt” on Ashley (aka The Inside Scoop)

Like many I’ve always had a love for food, but my tastes have evolved over the years and the way I view food has also changed. 880 more words

About Me

Bok Choy Boy - Moon (Season 1)

A woman, tall and covered head to toe in silk clothing. Mysterious. Silent. Deadly. From her youth, this unnamed woman has trained for her constant survival within the oppressed place she is from. 51 more words

Bok Choy

Northeast Coast Campaign (1745)

The Northeast Coast Campaign (1745) occurred during King George’s War from 19 July until 5 September 1745. Three weeks after the British Siege of Louisbourg (1745), the Wabanaki Confederacy of Acadia retaliated by attacking New England settlements along the coast of present-day Maine below the Kennebec River, the former border of Acadia. 425 more words


Confessions of an Italian in self-imposed exile/Confessioni di un'Italiana in esilio autoimposto.

I had vague plans this morning, since I got up so early for a Sunday, everything is peaceful and there are no constant demands in place. 1,624 more words