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Missing: any mention of CDR in the latest IRENA bioenergy report

The International Renewable Energy Agency recently released a report (http://www.irena.org/remap/IRENA_REmap_2030_Biomass_paper_2014.pdf) detailing projected biomass energy supply and demand. Entirely absent from this report is any mention of biomass CCS projects or biochar — two techniques which could both be incredibly important for generating negative emissions and could affect biomass market fundamentals significantly. 162 more words

Are loan guarantees the right answer for catalyzing development of CDR solutions?

The USDA recently announced a $91M loan guarantee for Cool Planet’s biofuel and biochar facility in Louisiana. Loan guarantees from the US government are a critical way for early stage companies to reduce their cost of capital for capital-intensive projects. 392 more words

Autumn Preparation for Clay and Heavy Soil

It’s the ideal time to prepare your clay soil before it gets too claggy and wet.

Digging away on a sunny Autumn day but thinking about the Spring to come I find is a wonderful pastime, but it can also reap benefits. 467 more words

The Future

The following is quoted from our associated blog

Agriculture in 2030 – A Tale of Two Worlds

There are really two paths that agriculture can take starting at this point, right now. 1,155 more words


13 October 2014

The Biochar Edition.

Why the decline in golf is great for the environment. Click here

Biochar works ‘magic’ in the soil almost immediately. Click here… 58 more words


Carbon Removal Presentation at the USEA: November 4th

I’m happy to announce that I will be giving an overview presentation on carbon removal at the USEA in Washington, DC, on November 4th. More details on the agenda to follow in a few weeks, but the basic info is below: 159 more words