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We’re Not Saving The Planet With Earth Day.

Earth has been around for billions of years, and our species for just a few thousand. So it’s a bit interesting that Earth Day has only been around for less than 50 years. 481 more words


Celebrating Earth Day the BioSafe Way

Today is Earth Day, so it seems fitting that we post about the history and importance of this holiday, as well as how we fit in at BioSafe Systems. 466 more words

Environmentally Friendly

Post 43 - No Directive - Over-Consumption

With all the positive associations with indulgence, there are bound to be negative associations. One I think is definitely present in our current society is over consumption. 261 more words

Cleaning up after digestive indiscretions

Let’s just say that Daisy had the largest ‘digestive indiscretion’ of her life recently.  I won’t go into the details (it was horrific for both of us). 190 more words

Products For Dogs

39. Bugs, Germs = Good

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

Keeping healthy means living healthy.  For us and our environment.  Part of that environment includes bugs.  Yes, you heard me bugs.   426 more words


Feeling Good About Rubber Mulch

Have you often wondered about why you should stop using a perfectly good biodegradable substance to landscape with like wood mulch and switch to something that won’t break down or fade away like… 354 more words

Rubber Mulch