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Govt asks EU to ease Indonesia palm oil import regulations

By thejakartapost.com

Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of palm oil, has asked the European Union to ease the group’s regulations on palm oil imports, mainly to help Indonesian farmers benefit from the commodity’s export. 65 more words


Oranges outplay their role in diet, producing biodiesel

By helpmeoutdoc.com

In the future,  oranges will  not only be a reliable source of Vitamin C, but might serve for propelling purposes as well.

A group of scientists from Mie Univeristy,  Japan set up a new experiment, making biodiesel from oranges.  107 more words


Scientist proposed the substitution of methanol by ethanol for the production of biodiesel

By balkans.com

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel to conventional fossil ones. The EU policies of boosting biodiesel have achieved its implementation in the transport fuels market and increasingly its sustainable nature is being taken into account. 89 more words