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Ready Steady LIFE

The European Commission has now published the LIFE 2014-2020 programme on environment and climate change. With the first call due out in May/June 2014, all applicants can therefore start to decide which topic, and type of project, they’ll bid for. 1,041 more words

European Funding

Deadly bat epidemic spreads, now in half of U.S. states

The bat-killing fungal infection known as white-nose syndrome has been found in two new U.S. states, further threatening animals that are vital to ecosystems and economies across North America. 903 more words

Endangered Species

Endangered bird hatches from egg held together with glue, tape

From repairing crushed eggs to developing alluring perfumes that encourage breeding, conservationists are determined to save New Zealand’s rare kakapo.

New Zealand conservationists recently proved their resourcefulness when an extremely rare kakapo chick hatched from a cracked egg that was held together with tape and glue. 363 more words

Endangered Species

Conservationists are killing invasive fish to save the Caribbean - it might be backfiring

With their zebra-esque stripes and fluttering spines, the lionfish looks pretty in an aquarium tank. But let them loose in the Atlantic Ocean, and things can get pretty ugly. 558 more words

Wildlife Conservation

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) EU Regulation (update)

My post in 2013 on EU IAS is here.

16th April (today), the European Parliament is voting on the IAS Regulation. Progress is followed… 544 more words

New EU Law

Online Resource for Identifying Irish Wildflowers

Zoe Devlin, author of Irish Wildflowers, has developed a website which lists all flowers. You can search by name, by colour, or by month (to see what’s in bloom). 25 more words

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