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"one of the referees says floresianus actually means 'flowery anus' so it should be floresiensis"

In a parallel universe I work as a paleoanthropologist, a topic that has fascinated me ever since as a teenager I read Donald Johanson’s account of the discovery of… 175 more words


Conservation Week coming up

“There’s an amazing world right on your doorstep waiting to be explored. New Zealand is full of great places and hidden treasures.”

This Conservation Week (1-7 November) DOC are hosting a great range of activities and events, some of them right here on our doorstep.

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Biologists investigate wolf sighting near Grand Canyon

Agencies scramble to make positive ID of large canid

By Bob Berwyn

*More recent stories about wolves at this link.

FRISCO — An endangered gray wolf may have wandered into northern Arizona, perhaps from as far away as Wyoming or Montana, and has been spotted on national forest lands north of the Grand Canyon for about the past three weeks. 539 more words


Biodiversity challenge - Spotted hyena

Carrion laughing

Grinning grim reaper,
Savannah street sweeper.
Walking trash compactor,
Fan of the ex-factor.
Maniacal cackle,
Sixth sense of humerus,
An appetite to tackle parts…

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Fun Facts about Cerrado Endemics

The Cerrado Ecosystem is a tough place to live. Characterized by long seasons without rain, nutrient-poor soils, and frequent wild-fires, the species endemic to this region have developed intricate survival strategies. 410 more words


Power Plants: botanical heavyweights of the criminal underworld

When people think of conservation, and wildlife crime in particular, it is usually animals that come to mind. Ivory trade, exotic pets and illegal poaching are all serious and well publicised problems. 642 more words


Winter Finch Forecast: Help Monitor Wild Bird Health

GR:  Here’s another great citizen naturalist opportunity.  Birds, like butterflies, are excellent indicators of ecosystem health. Join the Cornell Lab of Ornithology FeederWatch project beginning November 8, 2014, and make a contribution. 172 more words

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