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Cost of energy in EU according to Ecofys

Recently a report on energy costs prepared for EU commission by the consulting company Ecofys crossed the news threshold in many places. Usually it has been reported as being “the EU report”, but EU commision states “ 1,224 more words


Missing: any mention of CDR in the latest IRENA bioenergy report

The International Renewable Energy Agency recently released a report (http://www.irena.org/remap/IRENA_REmap_2030_Biomass_paper_2014.pdf) detailing projected biomass energy supply and demand. Entirely absent from this report is any mention of biomass CCS projects or biochar — two techniques which could both be incredibly important for generating negative emissions and could affect biomass market fundamentals significantly. 162 more words

BIOCLAD: Adaptive Biodigital Cladding System

BIOCLAD is an adaptive biodigital cladding system for the cultivation of microalgae able to transform the solar energy into chemical energy through the photosynthetic process, fixing CO2 and producing O2. 439 more words



Cuba’s Sugar Industry to Use Bagasse for Bioenergy.

Cuba’s sugar industry hopes to become the main source of clean energy in the country as part of a programme to develop renewable sources aimed at reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels and protecting the environment. 66 more words


Links to customer value - Future Energy Supply Strategies

Regulatory tests and security of supply –Sounds so elegant so simple when it is a strategic position statement or statements. Queensland gives some very good examples in recent times. 750 more words

Hot Air

From Caltech: "Variability Keeps The Body In Balance"


Jessica Stoller-Conrad

Although the heart beats out a very familiar “lub-dub” pattern that speeds up or slows down as our activity increases or decreases, the pattern itself isn’t as regular as you might think. 1,044 more words

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This Bacterium Can Survive on Electricity Alone — NOVA Next | PBS

This Bacterium Can Survive on Electricity Alone — NOVA Next | PBS

In the beginning, scientists thought photosynthesis was the only foundation for life on Earth, and that sunlight was required for the energy that percolated through the food chain.  95 more words