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Italian oil giant ENI goes green

ENI goes green. Oil giant reached an agreement with labour unions and Sicilian authorities on upgrading its oil refinery near the town of Gela to make it environmentally friendly. 228 more words


Experimenting with distributed approaches – Case study: A ‘national-level’ distributed dialogue on bioenergy

Marta Entradas

An emerging thread in the public participation debate is the need for innovative and more experimental forms of dialogue to address weaknesses of previous structured deliberative methods. 62 more words

Policy Making

Hemp: A More Sustainable Annual Energy Crop for Climate and Energy Policy

by Christina Whalen

Growing concern about greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change due to fossil fuel dependency has led to the consideration of more attractive energy sources, especially bioenergy sources. 982 more words


Nova-Institute: "It's time for a change and a new start" for the EU bioeconomy

The European Union will need a new political framework for rolling out its bio-based economy by 2020 at the latest. The existing framework does not create sufficient market pull for implementing innovative, bio-based technologies. 542 more words


Renewable Energy Water Heating Technologies

Solar water heaters

A solar water heater or heat pump can help reduce your energy usage over time and bring your carbon emissions down too. Solar roof systems for hot water are now very common. 750 more words

Renewable Technology

No Man's Land ?

Since the rise of fuel prices and the ongoing reminders announced over mass media on the depletion of fossil fuels, the world’s need for energy security for the future has been threatened and driven to source for alternative sources of energy. 1,182 more words