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John Finnis, rape and the Nazis

Among the conservatives who desire a wide prohibition against abortion there is a case that has always merited special attention: rape. While some conservatives accept as morally uncontroversial the idea of abortion following rape, others want a blanket prohibition against such practice. 1,234 more words

Are we being conditioned?

Things are ramping up in the transhuman world. There are two films and one tv show that I will share with you. Here’s the first… another one… and the last one… How far in the future are all these possibilities? 154 more words


A Remarkable Woman: A Superflux of Compassion and Amazing Guts!

Some years ago bioethics professional Dr. Sigrid Fry-Revere had a harrowing experience with her ten month- old son. He developed kidney cancer. He might have very well needed a kidney transplant in the immediate future. 720 more words


Resource Recommendation: "Should America Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies?"

Hi! A lot of things have been changing in my life lately, which caused this blog to take ‘back-burner’ status, unfortunately. However, I am giving myself a more strict posting schedule so that I can post stuff more consistently. 351 more words


Third Year: A Survival Guide: In memes

Third year of medical school is a different beast from anything you’ve had before. You’re going from studying the basic sciences in a laboratory to functioning as a part of a healthcare team. 742 more words


Bioethics - coming to you via vending machine... NOW

I have studied bioethics for near 20 years and had some very difficult decisions thrust into my hands during this time. Science has made giant leaps since my first exploratory steps into philosophy which I enjoy immensely. 56 more words

Moral Values

DNA in a vending machine?

Interesting blend of art and science to raise ethical issues raised by biotechnology.