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Learning From Saints: The Beauty Of Christian Biographies

I’m going to ask you to do something difficult:

I want you to set down the theology book for a moment. I want you to set aside Grudem, Stott, and yes, even Piper. 761 more words


2 months of Modi Government

Narendra Modi Government

Its quite natural that human beings get excited on getting new things, be it a dress, or visiting a new place or meeting new people, there’s always an excitation in discovering new things. 364 more words

Content Writing

Al Pacino (1940-Present)

Alfredo James “Al” Pacino is an American film actor, stage actor, and director. He is well known for playing mobsters in films. His best known roles include: … 42 more words


Hewitt Bostock (1864-1930)

I added a new page on Hewitt Bostock. He was a rancher, fruit farmer, politician, and Speaker of the Senate. He lived at 1835 Barclay Street… 14 more words


Did You Know There's Such a Thing as "The Jewish Cardinal"?

Having grown up with beloved Messianic Jews, it wasn’t hard for me to imagine such a thing as a Jewish cardinal, but I still found this movie fascinating. 530 more words

Encouragements For Living

The man who became known with the cigar between two fingers in the V-formation

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”. – Winston Churchill.

One of our bookshop’s literary icons is certainly… 28 more words

Hemingways Of Hermanus

Bio of the Day: Czar Nicholas II of Russia

Czar Nicholas II of Russia was the last member of the Romanov Dynasty to rule Russia. 

Nicholas II was a sensitive man, more rational than the Kaiser if no more intelligent.

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