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Review: Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Kathryn Gibbs Davis

Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Kathryn Gibbs Davis, illustrated by Gilbert Ford

After the Eiffel Tower stunned World’s Fair visitors in 1889, it was up to Chicago to impress people at their 1893 World’s Fair.  So a nationwide contest was announced, but unfortunately many of the designs were just slightly-modified Eiffel Towers, so all of them were rejected.  George Ferris was an American engineer who had already designed big bridges, tunnels and roads across the nation.  He had an idea for a structure that would not just rival the stature of the Eiffel Tower, but would also move and be able to be ridden.  The judges of the contest reluctantly agreed to let him try, but would not offer him a penny of funding.  Ferris managed to find a few wealthy investors to help him and construction began on the huge project of creating a delicate wheel that would be strong enough to turn filled with people.  The tale of the building and invention of this now iconic ride is rich with suspense and the delight of accomplishment. 177 more words

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Hua Karega Har Ek Lafz Mushkbaar Apna …

Hua karega  har ek lafz mushkbaar  apna
Abhi  sakooN se kiye jaao!  Intezaar  apna

Utha liya hai bhalay  half jaaN – nisaari ka
Mujhe sanbhaal, ke hota huN bar bar apna… 63 more words

Ahmad Faraz Ghazal

Nama Bar Apna Hawaaon Ko Banane Wale …

Namaa-bar apna hawaaoN ko banaane wale

Ab na aayeNge plat  kar kabhi jaane wale

Kya milega tujhe bikhre hue khaaboN ke siwa

Ret par chaaNd ki tasveer banaane wale… 51 more words

Ahmad Faraz Ghazal

Teri Ummid Tera Intezar Jab Se Hai …

Teri  ummid,       tera   intezar   jab   se   hai

Na shab ko din se shikayat na din ko shab se hai

Kisi ka dard ho karte haiN tere naam raqam… 65 more words

Ahmad Faraz Ghazal

Teri Shoridaa Mizaji Ke Sabab Tere Nahi …

تری شوریدہ مزاجی کے سبب تیرے نہیں

اے مرے شہر ترے لوگ بھی اب تیرے نہیں

میں نے ایک اور بھی محفل میں انھیں دیکھا ہے

Ahmad Faraz Ghazal