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Life Itself (2014) Full Movie

Life Itself (2014) Full Movie — The life and career of the renowned film critic and social commentator, Roger Ebert. Read more on IMDb

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Ellie Mcdonald

Eh, never know how to start things like this so you know, let’s go informal, with an exclamation point to make me seem overexcited! Add another one for emphasis! 177 more words


Callan Waldron - Hall

Hi I’m Callan Waldron-Hall

Creative Writing student. Ravenclaw. Tully. I’ve an unhealthy addiction to Pepsi Max and Arrow. I write about magic and fantasy and things that don’t exist. 34 more words


Hannah Barton

Hello visitors, My name is Hannah.

I’ve always adored the classic fairy tales and fables regardless of my ages, but I probably got intensely into reading and writing during that horrific twilight phase, now before you judge, you must know I didn’t love the story as such, but more so the intensity (and I just plain hated the films), this was also around the time I began my true love in reading; Graphic novels. 24 more words


Karin Matthews

Hi, my name is Karin.

I have been writing stories since I was very young, I remember writing a story about a mermaid when I was 5 and reading it out at parents evening; it was after this that my passion continued to grow. 59 more words