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Sad story with a very happy end

When someone asks you “How are you”. You’ll never say “horrible, I’m actually feeling like shit, but thanks for asking”. No, we always come up with the same scripted “fine, how about you?” I wonder why that is. 686 more words


Beginning of the End: A Few Bad Choices Pt 2

Taking a deep breath, I came out from around the corner, and caught a glance shot at me from Pablo, the guy whose reputation had just been dumped into my ears. 1,324 more words


A Portrait of My Father, the Reader, in Books

My dad read the newspaper everyday. The San Francisco Chronicle and The Pacifica Tribune. He always had one book he was reading. But he worked full time and likes to build things so he did not have too much time to read. 366 more words


What I though of Video Nasties: Draconian Days

Video Nasties: Draconian Days is the second of Jake West’s films about the history of the ‘Video Nasty’ and censorship in the UK. Like the first one it’s amazingly accessible, but unlike the first one which dealt with the initial Video Nasty boom and told a… 1,390 more words


3 Reasons Why Fear is Good

“Once fear enters your life—whether it’s been there for a second or a lifetime makes no difference—it will take you in one of two directions: empowerment or panic,”—Georges St. 989 more words

Personal Development

James Garner - Actor, Poker Player

I’ve been distracted of late, it isn’t the first time but this blog is never far from my mind. I’m always conflicted on what to write about and how long these entries should be, not to mention finding the time to concentrate on whatever subject it is I finally choose. 350 more words