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Artificial Australians

Wikipedia has quite an extensive piece on cranial deformation, which is a form of body modification practiced throughout history and prehistory in many cultures from all over the world, from the Pacific Islands, to South America to Europe. 577 more words


What is Biological Anthropology?

“What’s that thing you study called again?”
“Biological Anthropology.”
“Bio-whatsit? That sounds hard.”
“It’s really not… its the study of-”
“-Whats the point of that?” 694 more words

Biological Anthropology

What theoretical and methodological stances should Evolutionary Anthropology be taking in the 21st century?

Boyer’s (2012) chapter on ‘Modes of scholarship and cultural anthropology’ evaluates the relevancy of cultural anthropology in today’s world and analyses the three modes of scholarship; science, erudition and salient connections. 533 more words


Week 15 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons

A slightly greyer and cooler day yesterday – a good insight into the British weather! One week it’s gorgeous sunshine the next it’s grey and threatening to rain! 522 more words

What I've Been Up To

All worn out: using dental attrition to estimate age

I was recently working on the methods chapter of my dissertation (I’ll pause so that you may lever your jaw up off of the floor – “JB? 1,704 more words


A Look at the Accuracy of Dental Age Estimation Charts

So it’s now the 4th of July and I haven’t created a new skull of the month and I don’t think I will. Over the past few months I’ve been really rubbish at updating my blog and the reason behind that – I’ve been applying for jobs and working out what I’m going to do at the end of July (my current contract is ending and I have to decide whether to re-sign it or not!) 1,084 more words


Nadal - Neanderthal or not?

With Wimbledon in full swing and Rafael Nadal looking as fearsome as ever I’ve decided that the middle-class British sporting world and the world of physical anthropology should collide. 704 more words