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Your Inner Fish Tonight

A three-part documentary called Your Inner Fish, based on Neil Shubin’s book of the same name begins tonight on PBS (Check local listings). Must-See TV for anyone interested in vertebrate evolution!


Creation Myths and the Cosmos

Evidently, Biblical literalists are upset that Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey introduces the Big Bang and evolution without giving equal time to “alternative” explanations. The difficulty, of course, is that pseudoscientists never  102 more words


Our Place in the Universe

Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos (1980) featured many anthropological themes and set the bar for much of the educational programming that has aired since. Hopefully, this updated version, hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, will spark renewed public interest in the science of humanity!


Archaeologists and bioarchaeologist must articulate the intellectual merit and relevance of their work to anthropological study. Just as important (if not more so), studying the past can contribute to the betterment of humanity by investigating topics germane to modern life, such as violence, migration, and disease. 861 more words


Evolutionary Anthropology: an authoritarian review journal?

Evolutionary Anthropology happens to be one of my favourite journals. Tailored more specifically than any other to the fields of human evolution, biological anthropology and archaeology, this journal pumps out bimonthly issues for researchers and interested others such as myself to slobber over. 134 more words

Human Evolution