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Article: Levantine cranium from Manot Cave (Israel), the first European modern humans?

New evidence from the Levantine region further suggests that neanderthals and modern homo sapiens were living in the same area (in Levantine region) at the same time! 80 more words


Love, Nurturing and Need

I have resolved not to get caught up in the notion that it is better to be independent. It’s nice to know that I am capable on my own but there is too much mythology in Western culture that promotes individuation and separation over connection. 108 more words


So...I mean...What IS Anthropology, Anyway?

I get it a lot. Not directly. But so often, people say things about my field and it makes me want to launch into a 45 minute lecture about exactly what anthropology is. 4,329 more words


Article: 4,500 year old Cancer found in Siberian Early Bronze Age Forager.

One of the oldest cases of cancer has been found in ancient human remains by Dr. Angela Lieverse and her colleagues. The remains are from the Cis-Baikal region in eastern Siberia and are 4,500 years old. 190 more words


Anatomy and Behavioral Strategies of Human and Nonhuman Primate Parturition

In March of 2000, Sofia Pedro’s village in Mozambique was ravaged by floods. People were forced to higher grounds to avoid the floodwaters, and many people, including the heavily-pregnant Sofia Pedro, were climbed to shelter in the treetops. 2,755 more words

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