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What to do

Can you even begin to imagine finding out you have all these siblings you didn’t know about. How crazy is that? It’s so weird to me because I didn’t get the opportunity to meet several of them. 207 more words


New Siblings

As if being an absent father wasn’t enough, we later found out that he had ten, yes TEN other children. Oh my freakin gosh!!! I nicknamed him “Hit and Run”. 329 more words


To Forgive or Not

How could my siblings still want to talk to him, see him or even forgive him after that? I refused to forgive him, I already knew I didn’t want any part of him. 140 more words


Bacteria: How do they resist?

What is it?

When is the last time you were prescribed antibiotics? Aren’t they simply amazing? Painful, unpleasant, potentially life-threatening infections cleared up in a matter of days: pneumonia, cellulitis, abscesses, urinary tract infections, bacterial meningitis, etc. 184 more words

Biological Structures

"Drug Store"

About fifteen minutes later I make my way to the kitchen for a drink and something to snack on. I feel him staring at me but I don’t want to look because I’m afraid if I make eye contact with him, he’s going to want to talk to me some more. 204 more words


It's him

Then one day I get home from school and there is this strange man sitting on the couch in our living room. I just walked by like nothing because I didn’t know who he was. 333 more words


Time to go

After we left (finally) I got grilled in the car on the way home about how rude and disrespectful I was and so on and so on. 105 more words