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Biological Changes in Ascending Souls (Part 8)

What will actually happen as we move through the portals?

Your state of consciousness will be magnified hundreds, if not thousands of times. Your thoughts and feelings will manifest not only more quickly than ever, but with much higher amplitude and magnitude.


Biological Changes in Ascending Souls (Part 7)

It will no longer take months or even years to reverse an illness or create a new state of physical health.

While this is wonderful news to most of you, it also means that the adage, “You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought,” will be truer than ever.

Paradigm Shift

Biological Changes in Ascending Souls (Part 6)

If you have a lot of negativity in your subconscious mind, it will take a great many positive thoughts to have much of an impact on your physical health. 19 more words


Biological Changes in Ascending Souls (Part 5)

For example, if you think a positive, uplifting thought, your body usually feels better immediately, but any illness or imbalance you may be carrying in your cells usually takes a lot longer to dissipate as a result of your positive thoughts.

Paradigm Shift

New article on the WMD-free zone in the Middle East

I would like to alert our readers on a chapter I have written for Grø Nystuen, Stuart Casey-Maslen and Annie Golden Bersagel’s forthcoming edited book  69 more words


Neuroscientists Join the Open-Source Hardware Movement (IEEE)


This article is about a month old, but I found it in an attempt to learn more about neuroscience in biomedical engineering since I’m taking a course about Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data on Coursera (through JHU’s Bloomberg School of Public Health). 682 more words


A Crystal Structure for Stopping Germ Warfare

What does it look like?

Protective antigen from Bacillus anthracis.

What is it?

Anthrax is the disease that is caused by the soil bacteria… 507 more words

Biological Structures