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Fire in my heart

Your heart is light, walking in the dream it is much easier now and brighter.

Knowing instead of wondering is a rewarding experience, one that enables others to integrate their concept of self with something more truly aligned with their energy.

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Roots and Branches

A recent article on News China points to the rarity of Chinese adoptees connecting with their birthparents later in life. Friend and Invisible Red Thread collaborator, Changfu Chang is quoted in the article. 168 more words


Big Words Don't Make You Smart

I remember when I was about ten years old, I had walked down to my aunt’s house to see if my bio-sis wanted to hang out. 634 more words


Dr Caroline Leaf and the obesity overstatement

Caroline Leaf is on the nutritional warpath.

Our society isn’t the best when it comes to eating right. Fast food and junk food are more attractive options than fresh food, and nearly everyone knows it. 737 more words



It was sometimes hard to live with the grandparents. Especially when a new school year was approaching. Grandma would take the bio-brother shopping for school clothes and supplies. 479 more words


Do I Have Ptsd?

Hi everyone. I m not really sure where to start… I suspect I used to be abused by my biological father, in more ways than one. 79 more words

Biological warfare should be subject to tighter regulations

The Black Death devastated the world. It killed one-third of Europe’s population and left many more infertile. It swept through the Middle East, taking on average one person from each family. 699 more words