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sunrise for the nocturnal

We spend most of our summer nights racing sunsets in the forests, preparing for the bats to emerge; it becomes all to easy to forget the awe of a sunrise. 42 more words


Biologists Enlist Help From Beavers To Restore Stream

ELLENSBURG, Wash. (AP) — In a heavily irrigated Washington valley where fish, crops and people often compete for water, biologists are turning to one of nature’s best engineers to help restore streams and salmon habitat. 707 more words


10 Interesting Facts About Earth

Carrying on more from my last post this video will give you the Top Ten Earth Factsthat include the percentages of surface and ocean exploration humankind has ever done. Good food for thought here..


World’s Rarest Bat Found in Miami

If you were one of the world’s rarest and most endangered bats, where would you choose to live? Perhaps in a remote forest or woodland?  Nah, if you’re a Florida bonneted bat, you’re going to Miami. 72 more words

The Comedy of Frogs, Snakes, and Starkey

Like to Laugh? Like Frogs? Then I have an event for you! I have have been invited back to the stage of The Sacramento Comedy Spot… 131 more words