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Basics of evolution

 It has come to my attention recently that I might have readers who are unfamiliar with evolution, so I’ve decided to start a series of posts on the topic. 406 more words


First day of school

In many countries, school starts in late August, but in Portugal classes start in the middle of September. Leaving the arms of our beloved holidays is always sad to me. 346 more words


Ebola treatment explained

Ebola hasn’t disappeared, it is still infecting more and more people with no treatment yet available. Zaire Ebola virus, the one that is currently causing problems is the most lethal, causing up to… 707 more words

B Cells

Safariology: Life Cycle of Plants, Insects and Animals

Safariology is a series of models sets by Safari LTD, who are known for their toy animal kits. Safariology aims at being more educational by producing packs of 4-5 models that show the growth of an animal, insect, or plant. 176 more words



Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, Florida

In February 2001, The Pensacola News Journal reported that rates for several kinds of cancer, rates for birth defects, and rates for low birth weight babies were all elevated in Escabmia and Santa Rosa counties as compared with national rates. 75 more words


How High School Biology Taught You Everything You Needed to Know About Relationships

The older we get, the more selective we tend to become about our relationships. Sometimes, however, it gets hard trying to navigate them. Sometimes we feel like we should keep people around because they’ve been around for a long time. 474 more words


The perks of being an Endotherm

An Endotherm – “is an organism that can use internal sources of heat, such as heat generated from metabolic reactions in the liver to maintain its own internal body temperature” – OCR biology Heineman. 975 more words