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Spartans Biology - Aquatic Ecosystems

Read Section 4.5 and answer the section questions.

Due Fri, Oct 24th


Spartans Biology - Biomes

Using the interactive graphic on page 206, fill in the Biome Table that was given to you in class.

Why are mountain ranges and polar ice caps not easily classified as biomes?

Due Oct 22nd


Mitosis and Meiosis Projects

In this project you and up to one other partner are going to create some type of project to explain Mitosis or Meiosis to the class. 56 more words

Zooniverse - Real Science Online

Zooniverse – Real Science Online.

Citizen Science! A whole collection of collective science experiments to take part in. From astrology, to climate and humanities, to nature and biology, help science track genetic mysteries, spy on penguins, explore the ocean floor, discover Near-Earth Asteroids and explore the red planet. 21 more words


Spartans Biology - Competition In-Class Questions

What are examples of intraspecific competition, interspecific competition, competitive exclusion principle, and resource sharing. When providing examples, please define these terms.

Use your textbook. This information can be found in Chapter 4.