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The Elite Fit to Rule

The only elite fit to rule over humanity are those who understand the value of direct democracy, in my opinion.  They are the truly sane human beings who must push back any force that tries to enforce a minority will on the majority. 270 more words


why eggs of birds and animals are of round shape ?

Most bird eggs have an
oval shape, with one
end rounded and the
other more pointed.
This shape results from
the egg being forced
through the oviduct. 150 more words


Twenty-Eight Element Expression

In previous discussions I concluded that life can only truly be defined as a specific pattern, this was the logical end to the materialist stance. However I alluded to the the Buddhist principle of Annicca, which states that the universe is in a constant flux. 385 more words

We Can't Unsee What We've Already Seen

The underlying personality types of all humans are fundamentally the same across our species.  The same problems, desires, fears, etc. are largely the same regardless of “race” or location.   672 more words


Zobi and the Zoox

By Ailsa Wild, Aviva Reed, Briony Barr and Gregory Crocetti

Synopsis:  This book is about a symbiotic relationship. It tells the story of the microscopic friends living in a tiny coral polyp. 159 more words


A System is Stronger with Variability, and Learning from Failures

Just recently I came across a book called Antifragile by the author Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Taleb describes a phenomena he coins as “antifragile” in which a system gains strength from past failures. 260 more words