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Day 1: Cassandra Goes Vegan

I decided that today is the day. Finally. I’ve spent the last eight and half years practicing a vegetarian diet and being conscious about the materials and beauty products I use, but now, I’m ready for the “BIG” change: veganism. 744 more words


Oldest pterodactyloid species discovered: Primitive flying reptile took wing 163 million years ago

Scientists have discovered and named the earliest and most primitive pterodactyloid — a group of flying reptiles that would go on to become the largest known flying creatures to have ever existed — and established they flew above Earth some 163 million years ago, longer than previously known. 757 more words


100 Days of Happiness - Day 2

What better way to spend the day than getting a visit from this lovely dog? Certainly brightened up my day after trying to learn the digestion of food, it’s more interesting than it sounds I promise. 28 more words


9-15 - Sex education?

I can’t really say I had any sort of useful sex education. Aged 9, there was a rumour in primary school that we girlfish were going to get “sex education” and that this would include putting a condom on a banana. 435 more words

From PNNL Lab: "How a plant beckons the bacteria that will do it harm"


April 24, 2014
Tom Rickey, PNNL, (509) 375-3732

Work on microbial signaling offers a window into better biofuels, human health

A common plant puts out a welcome mat to… 910 more words

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Do you make decisions based on temperature? This crab does!

Have you ever spent a winter vacation on the warm, sunny beach and came back to the cold weather and thought, “I am definitely meant to be where it’s warm!” I think this feeling is common among us Northeasterners (especially after this winter’s… 347 more words

Lara Lewis

Beauty In Biology

“Science and art both demand attention to detail,” states Dr. Michael Hanophy, a biology professor at St. Joseph’s College Brooklyn. I recently had a conversation with Dr. 133 more words