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Starting on a set of drawings to show in 2015. The style of this one emulates the detailed illustrations by MILDRED BUCHSBAUM, in Animals Without Backbones a classic among biology textbooks since it was first published to great acclaim in 1938. 20 more words


Essay // Aggression: The Biological & Psychological Explanations

As humans, our ends have proven to shape our behaviour which can unfortunately not always be rational. One form of irrational behaviour is aggression, and in the realm of psychology its explanation has long been an issue among psychologists. 797 more words


Frog Dissection

We recently had the opportunity to do frog dissections! We were able to be mini-surgeons and learn about anatomy and internal organs. There were some upsides and downsides to this that I’ll discuss at the end. 270 more words

Flowers that thrive in Thailand

Here is a small collection of cultivated flowers that thrive in the sub-tropical climate of Northern  Thailand. You may also like this post on Wild Flowers


Fantastic DNA

Last week, we became molecular biologists and extracted DNA from strawberries! I did this with a group of 3rd – 5th graders. Lots of great questions were raised, ranging from “ 363 more words

The Laws of Nature - Philosophy

The laws of nature are primarily what scientist discover.  Science is the discovery and explanation of the laws of nature.  What are the laws of nature?  311 more words


I dig therefore I am, gardening and exaptation. Homo hortulanus .. the gardening ape...

I dig therefore I am
: Anon on wall of underground in London

This blog, among other things, consists ramblings about bizarre evolutionary theories and self indulgent revolutionary ramblings.…specifically here the obsession is with exaptation, sometimes referred to as preadaptation and gardening. 2,245 more words