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Cool video about the nervous system

Watched this really cool video on Monday in Biology class.  This guy is awesome and does a super job about explaining things – love it!  Bozeman Science – thank you for producing these great videos.   16 more words

Bozeman Science


 It sure has been a while. I am truly sorry for that. Work has really been keeping me busy. But its okay…I am back and with great ideas. 41 more words

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PGCE and QTS 2011; 44 more words


Iteration and Skill Acquisition

She’s running down the court. She’s setting up. She shoots, and…score!

“She” has most likely practiced that shot 500 times to get it just right. So, too, have we all practiced a skill in hopes of mastery. 220 more words


I'm 2.7% 'Neanderthal': The language of evolution

According to a recent analysis of my DNA done by this company (which was a company used by Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s series “Finding… 696 more words


Sleeping Insects by k. Adams

Do insects sleep? That’s a YES

Unlike plants and microbes, insects have a central nervous system, which appears to be an important characteristic for sleep. They also have interesting circadian behaviors, which governs when they sleep and when they wake up. 359 more words


Sleeping Plants by k. Adams

As weird as the question may be, do plants sleep? (imagining a tree feeling dizzy, its head going forth and back, uhn, Hell No).
I mustn’t be too quick to answer a yes or a no here. 399 more words