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Rabies Rapid Transit System

Rabies virus hijacks the transport systems of neurons, manipulating axonal transport machinery to get to the central nervous system at maximum speed. 

Rabies virus is a neurotropic negative-strand RNA rhabdovirus. 685 more words


Meet the motivator inside your head

Researchers at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute have discovered a region of the brain in a mouse model that controls the desire to run and join in on other rewarding activities.   200 more words


Studying 'Biology'

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Popular Courses in Biology other than MBBS


Science is a vast field with many career options and opportunities. There are various career options available to the science (PCB) students after the completion of their secondary education. 207 more words


Darwin Wrong, Lamark Right?

A new study appears to support Lamarck’s views on biological inheritance:

“There is now biological evidence that memories of experiences in adults can be transferred through egg and sperm for the lifetime prospects of the child.

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Evolution of Metabolism

A recent study in the Molecular Systems Biology journal shows how metabolism may have started off in Earth’s ancient ocean. Creationists often argue that cell structure and metabolism are too well put together to have evolved and… 102 more words


Science Book a Day Interviews Richard Robinson

Special thanks to Steve Jenkins for answering 5 questions about his recently featured book – My Manager and Other Animals

Richard is best known for building and voicing puppets for various television series such as… 740 more words