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The Double Apple Gene

I suffer from the double apple gene! Never heard of it? Well, you probably know that people with a pear-shaped figure are supposed to be healthier and live longer than those with an apple-shaped figure? 105 more words


Time to laugh with these student quotes

At the end of every ABE program year, I take a few weeks to comb through the hundreds of student and teacher responses to our evaluations. 457 more words


An Inducible Chaperone Adapts Proteasome Assembly to Stress


•The maintenance of adequate levels of proteasome is vital

•Cells increase proteasome abundance when the needs increase

•Adc17 is an inducible chaperone that adapts proteasome assembly to increased needs… 172 more words


Botanatomical snap dragons

Didn’t actually know ‘botanatomy’ was actually a real word until I looked it up so I’ve learnt something new today. With the weather in England being as hot as it is at the moment, I am being nagged at constantly to go out and draw stuff in the garden while it’s ‘nice and sunny’. 236 more words


Further division and naming species

Further divisions

Organisms have further division. In order these include:

  • kingdom
  • phylum
  • class
  • order
  • family
  • genus
  • species.

For example, Rabbits have the following classification:

Classification Kingdom: … 109 more words