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Studying my own biology..

“Life is a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having signalling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate.” 610 more words

In My World...

How is honey made?

It is fair to say that Honey is one of natures great miracles, and not just because it takes cheerios to a whole new level of tasty goodness. 483 more words

NYC officials: Ebola patient rode the subway just hours before level-4 biohazard infection confirmed

By Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Ebola is now confirmed in New York City. I’ve just finished watching the press conference with Cuomo, de Blasio and Dr. Mary Travi Bassett, and what I’m hearing from these people is extremely irresponsible to public safety. 835 more words


Let's get things in perspective

While the current outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa is very serious, in the current panic people have forgotten that malaria kills thousands of times more people than Ebola each year… 484 more words


We are Star Dust!

Modern American Culture is ego based, hyper masculine, and above all else a self-destructive separation . Ubermensch (a Nazi word meaning a better man) is a delusion, and this places the current American fascist culture dangerously out of touch with reality as far as the beliefs relating to our mutual physical survival is a concern. 488 more words


Seaweed ‘weed’ with unseen medicinal value

A press release from the University of Greenwich reports the potential medicinal value of the ecologically troublesome Sargassum muticum, commonly known as Japanese wireweed. This nuisance seaweed is an international pest whose eradication is currently costing a small fortune. 87 more words


Lang Tengah and Tioman - two of Malaysia's best islands for marine life and snorkeling - Part 2

After five wonderful days on our desert island paradise, Lang Tengah Island, it was sadly time to leave.

The staff at the hotel were so delightful and real, that the duty manager actually got emotional with tears in her eyes as she embraced us and said goodbye. 703 more words


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