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reddit on women's anatomy


“Do not let women forget this flaw, and do not forgive them for it. Remind them of it constantly less they get inflated egos and think they’re all that.”

Breaktime Science: #ALSicebucketchallenge

Welcome to my first Break Time Science post! Break Time Science shall be comprised of short articles that provide an overview to a current science story, maybe relating to a documentary that was on the night before, a social media trend or a piece of recently published research. 511 more words


Your Backbone

Your backbone is the bone in your back.It is also called a spine.If you put your hand on your back you can feel it.When you feel it from bottom to top it might feel straight,but from a side angel your backbone is actually curved like an S. 99 more words


White Blood Vessels

White blood vessels are for killing sicknesses and infections.When white blood cells kill the germs or bad thing before the person gets the sickness,that person is immune to that infection or sickness.White blood vessels can “eat” the germ.The process is called phagocytosis . 46 more words


Do Vaccines Cause Autism? It Doesn't Matter. Vaccinate Anyway.

Vaccines have been on the news a lot lately, primarily because people don’t want to be giving their children shots that would result in a neurological disorder (like autism) or something else. 747 more words


Utah dinosaur tracks site open to the public

This video from the USA is called Dinosaur Footprints Set For Public Display In Utah.

From Associated Press:

Site of dinosaur tracks to be unveiled…

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