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What doctors can learn from day care workers

So if being fat is bad for people, than doctors should tell them not to be fat, right?  Or at least tell them to eat vegetables and hit the elliptical, right? 548 more words

Large or Aggressive Parrots Jessi shows you how to handle...

Large or Aggressive Parrots

Jessi shows you how to handle larger birds like macaws, how to safely work with aggressive parrots, and understanding some of the most common basic problems people have with their pet birds.

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Katharine K. Baker, Bionormativity and the Construction of Parenthood, 42 Ga. L. Rev. 649-715 (2008).

Baker believes that “family law as a discipline is shifting from a set of rules designed primarily to regulate sexual relationships between adults to a set of rules designed to regulate parental relationships between adults and children.” Decreased emphasis on marriage has created a “desperate need of a system to determine parenthood.” The role played by social arrangements like marriage can now, she suggests, be played by biology. 164 more words


Science Finally Explains Why We Fart More On Airplanes

Spending a few hours in a can of recirculated air is bad enough without somebody, or multiple somebodies, stinking up the joint. But, it turns out, it’s not just our terrible diets to blame for in-flight flatulence; flying itself makes you more likely to play the brown tuba, according to a somewhat lighthearted scientific paper… 199 more words


Holiday Science Rap: Bacterial Transformation

Happy Holidays everyone! Here is my latest science rap, which was inspired by DMX’s Rudolf Remix. We do not delve deeply into the science of transformation, but touch upon plasmids, competent cells, and heat shock- all things learned when students participate in Lab 5/5a/5b of the ABE Program (which is my favorite, by the way). 165 more words