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Taste Test Anyone?

Katy Perry may have been mesmerized by the taste of some girl’s cherry chapstick kiss, but she isn’t the only singer to express the hypnotic and mystical power of a kiss that taste good.  608 more words


The Appendix: Revisited

Antibody engineering and discovering new ways of treating diseases will never be obsolete as long as viruses and other harmful microorganisms continue to thrive and evolve. 438 more words


Earth as seen from Antarctica

Some things take on a certain resonance when viewed from a windblown, polar desert. Since I arrived here at McMurdo Station a little over two weeks ago, the weather has been, shall we say, challenging. 2,050 more words

Science Fiction

From Princeton: "Immune proteins moonlight to regulate brain-cell connections"

Princeton University

October 21, 2014
Morgan Kelly, Office of Communications

When it comes to the brain, “more is better” seems like an obvious assumption. But in the case of synapses, which are the connections between brain cells, too many or too few can both disrupt brain function. 1,523 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Take Your Samples for a Spin with the RWXBioFuge

We have a confession to make: we love centrifuges. We’ve used all shapes and sizes, for spinning bags of whole blood into separate components to extracting DNA, and everything in between. 357 more words

Tool Hacks

From astrobio.net: "Scientists create possible precursor to life"

Astrobiology Magazine

Oct 21, 2014
University of Southern Denmark
Contact Professor, Head of FLINT Center, Steen Rasmussen. Email: steen@sdu.dk. Mobile: +45 60112507

How did life originate? 852 more words

Applied Research & Technology