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Claim: Researchers find way to turn sawdust into gasoline

From the “yes, but does it clog your carburetor?” department comes this claim, which might work in theory, but may or may not be practical on a large scale. 470 more words


A Guide To Air Source Heat Pumps

The trend for biomass heatingoff grid living, turbines and heat pumps is soaring high. People have realised the importance of using them; especially the last one. 272 more words

Air Source

Exclusive interview with Mike Hamilton, Ceo of Renmatix: "We see Europe as leading the way in bio-based innovation"

“We see Europe as leading the way in bio-based innovation. There is a much closer lens on renewable chemistry from consumers in the EU, which compels companies to act faster.   827 more words


Yet Another Change Of Course

I want to talk about overunity.  Anyone that has looked around this blog knows that I have a special place in my heart for refrigeration… 1,139 more words


Cappagh Win Most Enviromentally-Friendly Place In World For Human Waste Energy Scheme

Cappagh, a large farming and quarrying area in the middle of Tyrone, has been heralded as an example to the entire planet after it emerged that 98% of the townland’s energy is powered by human waste due to its biomethane and general biomass initiative.  266 more words


The Benefits of Biomass Containers

What is Biomass?
Biomass is where an organic element is used as a fuel to generate a source of energy, the energy than can be injected into the mains grid to create an income. 156 more words

Shipping Containers