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Swatch plans fitness-based touch wristwatch, says CEO

“Swatch plans to equip its Swatch Touch line of plastic watches with electronic functions to measure personal fitness, in a bid to tap into the market for wearable gadgets, the company’s chief executive told a newspaper.,” Katharina Bart and Silke Koltrowitz report for Reuters. 245 more words


Google is collecting medical data to paint a picture of perfect human health

Google has started to collect medical data from volunteers as part of an ambitious project designed to build a database of records that show what a healthy human being should be. 15 more words

Blue walls

I was saying to someone recently “I’m going to get my biometrics” and I laughed to myself. It sounded as if I was getting some degree in physical appearance identification or even alien studies. 248 more words


And I Thought Fingerprints Were Just for Criminals

It’s official: summer is  s l o w l y  coming to an end. The sound of that seems extremely depressing… I feel like the beginning of June was just yesterday! 995 more words


CSI Boys Camp - Day 2

The events of day 2 had a… shall we say, furry start. To lend our campers some help, and to potentially track down our kidnapping victim, Deputy Clayton Wood and K9 Rocky kicked off day 2. 302 more words


Upgrading Access Control: Biometric Systems

Upgrading Access Control Systems

The reasons to implement biometric control systems are numerous. Individuals and businesses who want a high level of protection are choosing biometric identification systems to ensure access to computers, bank accounts, restricted areas, heavy equipment and anything else of value by authorised personnel. 747 more words


How Apple's iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will revolutionize sports, fitness, and health

“If you’re into sports and fitness, you probably like the idea of your own personal trainer,” Maury Brown writes for Forbes. “That someone that will keep you focused, drive your performance higher, and keep you on track.” 131 more words