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Locks, keys, and passwords have all seen their heyday

When I first started paying attention to smartphone-based locks, I was worried about them being hacked and their batteries going dead. Still am. I initially thought that we would still be defaulting to physical locks and keys for some time to come. 138 more words

Medical Matters and Biometrics

Yesterday I experienced a first: in order to get a residency visa in Dubai, one must have a chest x-ray to check for TB and a blood test to check for HIV. 809 more words


biometric authentication & you

The problem of authentication, of verifying one’s identity, is becoming increasingly complex. How do I prove that I really am me to thus gain access to the benefits of being me? 779 more words


Lock down your golf cart with ATtiny85

Some of us are lucky enough to live in communities where a typical commute is conducted within the breezy confines of a golf cart. Though, the security on a typical golf cart isn’t necessarily up to snuff. 296 more words

Makers Movement

HIPAA and Data Breaches

This blog will address the many law suits that occurred because of HIPAA violations due to data security breaches. It will also take a look at the methods used by those who breach the data. 583 more words

Biometrics improve passengers' airport experience

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) has successful demonstrated an innovative, forward thinking passenger journey experience in Gatwick Airport.

The concept behind the demonstration was to illustrate the ‘art of the possible’ in terms of enhancing and quite importantly personalizing each passenger’s journey through the airport. 160 more words


The World in 2050 - Its Happening Now

I have been a big fan of Dr. Peter Diamandis who is the Founder of the X-PRIZE Foundation and the Co-Founder of Singularity University.  I recently saw him speak in the Fall and truly enjoyed his discussion.   121 more words