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Cue At Least Three Choirs of Angels

Whole d-scene drive Bigfoot up wall like hiccups or itchy skirt tag or simultaneous itch/hiccup. Simple solutions dawn on brain as if grace of God/sunlight beams from cloud—-but only if pause for moment/contemplate. 532 more words

Day 151: My Brain Has a Hard Time Filtering Sounds

It’s been a while. I thought I would give everyone a quick update.

There hasn’t been much improvement in the “understanding speech department”. It is still robotic and to be honest, I think it sounds more robotic than it was before. 445 more words

Cochlear Implant

T-Minus 8 Hours Until Surgery

Prior to this I’ve lived my whole life as a normal hearing person. There was no pain at all. It was as if  like someone turned the volume down in my head when I went to bed and broke the volume nob. 808 more words


Alpinestars S-MX Bionic 2 Vest - Free Shipping - New 2009 (Small / Medium)

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STEM Industries: Bionic Technology

Technology is an integral part of STEM, with far-reaching applications that includes playing a vital part in modern medicine. From limbs to organs, innovation in the field of bionic technology bodes well for the future of healthcare, particularly for people who are forced to live with deformities or debilitating disease. 683 more words