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Updated RE Response & Visit with the Naturopath

I have been emailing with my RE since our failed FET to figure out our next steps before doing our last frozen embryo transfer.  In my… 725 more words


1/25/15 Travel Town and Tissue Bound

How have I never taken my two-year-old to Travel Town? Seriously? Did my fear of L.A. traffic have this strong of a hold over my life? 529 more words

Deflated by a Doctor’s Words

I don’t know what a doctor thinks

When he opens his mouth

And the patient’s heart sinks

The patient is heartbroken quite literally

And the doctors won’t help, it doesn’t show up on all their tests… 343 more words


Confessions of a Booby

Hello, my name is Left and I’m here to share the past three weeks of drama that I’ve caused for the mind and soul of she that has proudly worn me for the past 41 years. 641 more words


A pathology update - the results

Well, the good news and the bad news, a lymph node came back positive. 80 more words


Know the Signs of Impending Skin Cancer

Just as I was enjoying my remission from my multiple myeloma (blood cell cancer), I was recently diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer), which was thankfully the superficial curable kind. 452 more words


First and second biopsies and their diagnostic accuracy

A paper by Wong et al. published in December carries the title, “Diagnostic prostate biopsy performed in a non-academic center increases the risk of re-classification at confirmatory biopsy for men considering active surveillance for prostate cancer.” 1,007 more words