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The Wait is Over

The wait is over, went to the surgeon Nov 17, she believes there is no doubt that it is cancer although we will still see what the biopsy says. 432 more words

A new "gold standard" for detection of prostate cancer?

An article just published in the Journal of Urology argues that, ” The gold standard for cancer detection in primary biopsy is a combination of systematic and targeted cores.” 521 more words


Crohn's or No Crohn's - A New Wrinkle

So, I got a call from my gastroenterologist today. I thought he was responding to an email I had sent earlier in the day concerning this week’s flare-up of my Crohn’s but no. 310 more words


The word "benign"

I like it: the word “benign”.

There’s a polyp on my gall bladder, benign. There’s a hemangioma on my liver, benign.

When I go to get my breast biopsies done on Monday, I’ll expect the same answer, “benign”. 10 more words


My Right Breast con't

In shock, numb I called work to tell them I wouldn’t be back in the afternoon that day while I waited for the doctor to call. 514 more words



I have never seriously contemplated┬áseeing a plastic surgeon. This is not because I am completely satisfied with my body, there are many parts of me that I feel could be “improved.” However, I feel imperfections are part of what make us beautiful as people. 236 more words


Thyroid Ultrasound and Biopsy

Today was the day. My bi-yearly thyroid ultrasound. I’m very used to the process, by now. Can’t tell you how many thyroid ultrasounds I’ve had, but I’m here to provide you with information on how one of these visits goes. 486 more words