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The Biodome Project progress can be followed on http://enggreenfreewill.wordpress.com. The construction team are doing an awesome work. However, one of the problems we have encountered with the LEADER support grant we’ve received has been that we have encountered demands on additions and elaborations to the reports we send in to explain how we’ve used the part of the grant we received first. 313 more words

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18/09/2014 - Québec par-ci, Québec par-là

Les “Québec par-ci, Québec par-là” font un survol des médias en ligne à la recherche de la couverture du Québec et de Montréal à l’international au cours des 24 dernières heures : 128 more words


Moskwa & Saimonse

Moskwa & Saimonse – Biosfera

Biosphere – Deviation [ Touch ]
Biosphere – Sphere Of No Form [ All Saints ]
Biosphere / Deathprod – Katedra Botaniki [ Rune Grammofon ] 53 more words

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Las Vegas to Tucson, South by Southeast...

If you want to drive from Las Vegas to Tucson, as the crow flies, you can pretty much set your crow compass to SSE and put it on cruise control. 816 more words


— REVISITED human experiment: biosphere 2, 32540 s. biosphere road, oracle, AZ directions: from tucson, take oracle road (highway 77) for about 30 miles and turn right at the sign. 7 more words


[11 September 2014] God's Message - Earth

God*’s message for humanity** today***:

Earth is your home and collective domain.
All Earth’s life is a family; everybody has a role in it.
You want clean and beautiful air, water and land, right?
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God's Messages