Is it already autumn?

That’s what I wonder about lately. It’s still August but it’s been so cold the past weeks that I’ve come to think summer’s ended for this year. 143 more words


Sightseeing in Montréal - The Biosphere

Today was a nice day to go and explore a bit of the city and we decided to have a look at the Biosphere.

Originally built for the 1967 World expo designed by Buckminster Fuller, the Biosphere is an imposing construct measuring over 70 meters in diameter and more than 60 meters high. 128 more words


Using Google Earth for Local Navigation

If you boat among the 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay you are well aware of the many hidden rocks and shoals that seem to wait, daring you to come their way. 771 more words

Parry Sound

How to inspire young people for 30 years

It turns out I might have been inspired to start this blog more than 20 years ago, and this story goes back even further than that. 414 more words


Canada Highlights, Part Two

After our trip to Quebec City, my wife and I headed to Montreal, which is not quite as quaint as Quebec, but just as fun to visit. 318 more words


BioNight: Zero 2k13

BioNight a.k.a. the only party I religiously attend every year to support my home organization a.k.a. the party where I saw Biology professors dance.

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