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Spring Or Winter?

Which is your favorite?

Here I am, up at 5:30am, been up since about 1am and I’ve been blogging most of the night. I’m sitting here… 469 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Mommy’s Time Out and I’m Not Talking About the Brand of Wine

Today, the Energizer Bunny fizzled out, like a battery operated window candle that had been left on continuously for a few days. Perhaps I tried to do too much. 619 more words


The Joys of Paranoia

So there has been a rash of attempted break ins here on post, highly unusual. If true right? You know how rumormongers are. I’m a doubter, sitting here in my home with my trained husband, surrounded by houses occupied by soldiers. 206 more words


Day 24: Still Down in Wonderland

I still fell awful. I do not feel like writing.

That is my least favorite mood, when I am too empty and numb to even want to write. 79 more words

Call to arms!

Take those pills!

Brave the crowds to finish your Christmas shopping!

Plan your Christmas dinner!

Wrap the presents!

Put on that armour to protect your delicate mental and emotional state! 12 more words


December 20th - CBT Session 2

Hey folks,

Have had a reasonably good day today; didn’t get up until around lunch time though haha.

Anyway, I’ve been through the second session of my CBT workbook, and it talks about formulations and maintenance cycles. 767 more words


From Grinch to Energizer Snow Bunny: Seriously!

Ok, so yesterday, I was in such a deep slump. I slept 18 hours because not only was I depressed, but I also was suffering with an insane migraine. 799 more words