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Super Sick, Super Happy

My flu has gotten worse of all damn things, I’m giving up the lithium until this thing is gone. Haven’t had a bug like this in years. 160 more words



I say to my doctor, I’m not suicidal anymore. And I’m not crazy manic. I’m just empty. He says, I think we’re heading in the right direction? 53 more words


Bipolar Journey Continues

The main thing that helped fuel my depression was my lack of purpose in life. I had recently went back to school to get my bachelor’s but I hadn’t done anything with it because of the anxiety and bipolar issues. 904 more words


Mental Schpelth

About a year ago I created a Tumblr, the first entry went something like this …

I try not to dissect everything in life, words, people, thoughts, scenarios, etc… I try not to over analyze the very simple things that I turn into a situation that should be made into a movie.

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3 Simple Words: I Miss You

I Miss You.

These 3 simple words came from a friend and fellow blogger who messaged me yesterday. I was kind of taken back. I’ve been here, yet I haven’t been my cheery, positive, God-loving self lately.  355 more words

What the Heck is Bipolar 2?

I found a post by someone on something called listology (never heard of it before). It goes through what it is, tips for dealing with bipolar 2, famous people with it, his own experiences. 49 more words


Crazy About My Friends

I think it’s fair to say that most people are blessed with great friends. I know I am. And how do these buddies, gal pals and partners in crime come into our lives? 202 more words