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Darkness upon us

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Glenn Spillman and 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar and depression. I have written 2 books, one about my life, the ups and downs and dealing with the dozen times that I have tried killing myself. 199 more words


Praying Mantis Psychosis

Psychosis can happen out of the blue, to anyone, and no one knows why. Not even the best doctors on the planet. (Jeanine Garsee)

I was about to wax mystical and meaningful about the fact that my three psychotic episodes happened in 2000, 2007 and 2014 (woot, pattern recognition), but then I remembered the seven foot chrome praying mantis.

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Mood Diary

For my 2nd assessment meeting I handed over a detailed ‘Mood Diary’ I was asked to keep. I think the psych. meant a simple chart with a 1=low, 10=high thing. 250 more words


The Sacrificial Lamb

I guess today marks my 5 year anniversary of blogging. I started this blog when I was manic, coming down from a mild episode of psychosis. 281 more words

Personal History

Just Like That

I was having a good day. Me and my husband were playing video games and just hanging out. I was having fun, laughing and joking with no worries and then it happened. 166 more words


WTF is Bipolar?

I wanted to answer this question, not with the tidy clinical synopses, but with more expressive quotes from bipolar authors and celebrities.

Here’s the earliest one by a long stretch: 934 more words


Ordinary Views

I think the majority of really work hard to live with it and want good things out of life, want to succeed, want to have families, do stuff that people without mental illness get to do. 221 more words