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Head Games

Sometimes the mind games can really get to me on a given day. Like evil kids playing chutes and ladders. Constantly climbing the ladders just to find and drop down on the slides. 223 more words


What's worse...failing others or failing yourself?

For many of us who have a mental illness, low self-esteem comes into the mix. Recently, I asked a Facebook group I belong to, what they would like someone to write about in regard to mental health. 1,040 more words


Lithi-no-yum and the Downward Spiral

She lived in her head and that’s why it glowed.
Miriam Toews – A Complicated Kindness

Lithium tastes like shit. More lithium tastes like more shit.

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We can stop saying mental illness

Neurobiological disorder: An illness of the nervous system caused by genetic, metabolic, or other biological factors. Many illnesses categorized as psychiatric disorders are neurobiological, including autism, … 9 more words


Hypomania Part Two - A Mini Rant.... INSOMNIA!!!

Mother of Pearl. I can’t seem to get to sleep. 300 mg of Seroquel and my brain is like O.O

What am I doing tomorrow, I wonder how long my ride would be if I took this road instead. 119 more words


Triggers, the things that put you over the edge

Well, I am sure that we all have triggers that just set us off. It could be a word,someone yelling at you, a smell, a color, or anything else that could trigger you. 469 more words


Emotional Tumbler

Am I feeling better today?  Well better, is relative I guess.

My thoughts and feelings are spinning round and round.  I like to think of it as a rock tumbler that all of my racing thoughts, feelings of inadequacy and not fitting in, paranoia and worries are dumped. 130 more words