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Although my Secondary Care assessment and diagnosis appointment isn’t for another 5 weeks yet, I decided (while lying awake at 4am) that I would make a ‘gesture of trust’ with my boss in work and talk to her about what’s been happening to me since I approached my GP in early July this year. 87 more words


Lies On Top of Lies

As the cliché goes; “honesty is the best policy.” Clichés are clichés usually because they are true. As such in some of the years past I have to be honest and say that I have lived a very dishonest life. 349 more words


Ewwww She's Bipolar?!?!

Now that I am waiting to officially drop the bomb on my Dr that I want off my meds. I thought I would talk a little about what bipolar is.   1,550 more words


It’s Not a Disorder. It’s a Re-order.

Now for a shift in topic area.

Personal struggles with Bipolar Disorder.

Got a cuppa? Good. Perhaps a scotch is more suitable, actually.

Four days before Christmas of 2011, I had a nervous breakdown. 3,300 more words


Does your illness control you?

I was talking to someone today and they asked me a question, when they did I gave them an honest answer. They asked me why I have done some of the things in life that I chose to do. 648 more words


Release The Harpy!!

I often read /r/cancer over on Reddit. A couple weeks ago someone started a post asking if people had changed since they had been diagnosed. People shared a lot of stories. 212 more words