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Crash into me

ive been MIA for a week or two, I  was manic and i took advantage of it. i cleaned, i rearranged the house, went to a new nature park everyday and took more pictures. 816 more words


Suicide From Stigma

“Nothing in my life has ever made me want to commit suicide more than people’s reaction to my trying to commit suicide.” ― Emilie Autumn… 308 more words


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The stigma against mental illness has come along way, however, we still have to keep educating. It's the theme of my blog "Living in Stigma". Loneliness, isolation and the feeling of worthlessness are what people with mental illness feel. Thanks for the post.

Burning Alive

If mania is like being touched with fire, then depression is, inevitably, that moment when rain suffocates that flame. It’s an almost palpable chill when the fire in your heart is extinguished and all of the excitement, joy, and social drive has abandoned you. 201 more words

Bipolar Disorder


So this blog post was gonna start like “I’m typing this naked in my bathroom sitting in front of a mirror (except for my socks because damn you this floor is cold)” but then a moth happened and now I’m sitting clothed in the open-for-all bathroom in my house. 296 more words

Illusions and Robots.

What is Bipolar?

I suppose the answer, for those with the diagnosis may of them describing their lived experience, the mania’s or hypomanias, the depressions, the anxiety, the sadness, the anger, the lack of hope. 1,306 more words

Mental Health

I Got Hit by a Peterbuilt

You want to know what really just ticks me off?

I know I’ve probably written about lots of things that irk my nerves, but this one takes the cake. 771 more words


Suicide... Survived

The CDC reports that for every completed suicide, there are 25 failed attempts. I was one of those failed attempts. I found myself in a psychiatric ward with my rights stripped from me, and my loved ones exhibiting various emotions. 554 more words

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