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The Word Resound

#108 on my List of Things I Know Are Wonderful To Do And Wish I Did More Often: reading poetry out loud. Not to an audience, or even to a friend, but to myself and an empty room. 282 more words

Creative Writing

Heart Sutra

I have a sweatband that I occasionally wear in training with the heart sutra on it in Japanese, helps keep things in perspective on gradings etc when I’m tempted to go to shit emotionally.  492 more words

Rhapsody in Orange

I take my sense of belonging where I can get it, and this weekend it was a baseball game. I always feel a sense of triumph when I manage to attend one without decompensating, because I don’t do well with crowds and the physical challenges used to be too much for me. 706 more words


Derelict School Cottage

Please say hello to first-time contributor Rachel Mathias, a 45-year-old woman from Pembrokeshire, Wales in the UK. Rachel is a long time sufferer of bipolar 1 & ADD. 209 more words


Mental Health/Suicide
by – Sheri de Grom

Compiled from journal notes, April 26, 1996, Washington, DC

Burdened by my bulging briefcase, I’d hoped to get a jump on the day. 1,089 more words

Mental Health Care

me and september 02. 2014

he rolls over on the couch and the blanket falls to the floor and he is sweating – still shaking from the nightmares and the heaviness of lonely on his chest. 421 more words


Mockingbird won't sing

Mockingbird won’t sing

I spoke to my therapist about my pw protected blog. It is about my coming out as a transgender. She liked it and recommended that I send it to my psychiatrist. 850 more words