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Just Live With It

The other day, a friend of mine asked how I manage to live with bipolar disorder. I wasn’t offended by the question, if that’s what you were thinking. 330 more words


Maybe, maybe not...

Don’t really have anything to say. Tired. Very low energy. Low mood. Beginning of a depressed phase? Don’t know. It’ll become apparent soon enough. If It’s hard to wake up in the morning, if it’s hard to get anything done, if I don’t even want to get anything done, if I have lost interest in activities that were pleasurable, such as taking pictures, or singing, then yes it looks like the beginning of a depressed phase. 553 more words

On closets, clothes, and confidence

Going through my closet is kind of like watching myself grow by leaps and bounds over the course of the past two years. You can tell pretty much the exact time that I finally became comfortable in my own skin and decided to give dresses another chance, then skirts, then fitted blouses with patterns that draw attention instead of camouflaging me. 307 more words

Untitled 2

I reached inside my wretched heart
and pulled out brightly decorated packages,
that held the most awful whispers of my upmost being within their walls. 59 more words

Comfortable in Silence

Today I sat in total silence.

I had come upstairs to fix my glasses (you know that little screw that just keeps popping out so that you have to halt everything within a 6 foot radius and get on your hands and knees to find (sometimes with the assistance of a complete stranger if you happen to be in public)) and I fumbled up the job, so I was left with the lenses in one hand and the part that wraps around your ear in the other. 511 more words


Medication: Why, oh why, are you so necessary?

7:30 pm.

It just occurred to me that I didn’t take my mid-day medication.  Off to the bathroom cabinet go I.

And I’m frustrated.  I mean, I feel fine.   478 more words

Manic Depression