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Changes, Changes, Moods, & Changes

So much change going on right now. Change makes me moody. Change frustrates me. Change leaves me forgetful. Change makes things not boring. I hate change as much as I love it. 452 more words


A Serious Discussion on Sexual Abuse: Male Victims

By Shady Shebak, MD

The following is an important but understudied topic. It is one that includes several common diagnoses, and severe inner-psychic conflict regarding sexual assault. 619 more words


New Layout

I hope everyone likes the new blog. In the near future I will be looking to move us as I do not like the setup of wordpress and how I have to pay for everything. 9 more words

Bipolar Disorder


Holidays can get tricky because I am more in the Buddhist boat and my husband is catholic and the rest of my family is Protestant. I usually smile along and make the most of it and celebrate and bring out the true, loving, kindness behind each Christian holiday. 194 more words

Yoga for Bipolar Disorder

Before I go too far, Ive added a whole section on my page for Yoga including links, definitions, and types. I read that followers are not notified of changes such as new pages, blog changes, etc so I wanted to make sure anyone that cares see them. 400 more words


Here We Go.

My ETC has been delayed long enough and it’s time to get started. My dad is still in the hospital but is stable and now awaiting placement at a long tern care facility. 266 more words