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Medications Kicking my Ass

On October 8th I discontinued Topamax due to fatigue, nausea ocular viral infection, daily headaches, and the burning of my stomach, esophagus, and throat. Because every bit of food tasted like metal, the next four days were spent in bed sick to my stomach, unable to eat or drink.  299 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Trying to Push

I’m going to go try to push myself to do some work. I wrote some articles this morning, but the doctors’ visits took up my whole day, and now my groove is gone. 383 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Abilify: News or Not

I’ve been taking Abilify for several days now. Is it working? It’s hard to say.

I’m pleased to report that I haven’t had any side effects I can’t handle. 360 more words

Mental Health

Silence is hungry
And craves to be sated
Demanding its tribute
In so many pounds of flesh
My mind is bled dry
As I am reduced to
Sun beached bone

The Modern Memoir: Elissa Washuta’s My Body Is a Book of Rules

By Tai Dietrich

My Body Is a Book of Rules is a memoir made up of a collection of essays detailing the ominous struggles faced by author Elissa Washuta. 784 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Yet motivation,
My mind cast in iron, I’m
Still and immobile

Pain relief and oblivion

Pain relief and oblivion

I have been staring at my computer screen for some minutes and have not done a damn thing but stare at it. 719 more words