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Procedure Results

Well, I obviously made it through the procedure of having a stent put in.  It’s been day one post-op.

I have a slight stinging sensation every time I go, somewhat feeling of a UTI.  185 more words


Psychiatry study with Seroquel, quetiapine, treatment for bipolar disorder. Especially manic episodes.

I am a patient with bipolar 1 disorder.    And, while my depressive episodes have been treated with mixed success, I would say that my overall manic episodes have been completely tamed.  424 more words


A + B does not equal C

Where does your hope lay? Do you put your hope in what you can measure tangibly? Is it in how much you brought home last month financially? 300 more words

Crazy Life Of Mine

Moorestorms Guide To Bipolar Self-Care

Is now offered right here on my blog for free! All you have to do is click the link at the top of the page that says “Moorestorms Guide To Bipolar Self-Care” and it will take you to your free Ebook! I hope you enjoy!

Bipolar Disorder

I'm All In

Sometimes I feel like I’m just coming up for air then boom! Since I’ve only ever been me this might be normal, I’m not sure. The very thing I long for-something constant down here on earth still eludes me. 712 more words

Crazy Life Of Mine

Journaling for Mental Health Guest Post Announcement

I wrote in a frenzy anything that came to mind. The pen ripped through parts of the pages, my hand started to cramp, and I couldn’t see the words through my tears, but I kept writing until I could breathe again… 11 more words

Mental Illness

Subjegation Even With Donation

When I think about giving something I have made to places or people that I deem worthy of the “free-ness” that is not often found, at least locally they are happy and grateful that I should bestow them such a gift. 335 more words