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“Silence can break your heart.”  One of those image quotes I just saw whilst googling.  And it pretty much sums up the overpowering emotion I have been experiencing…the emotion which has left me feeling so lost and disappointed in myself. 938 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Inadequate As Fuck

I have a long road ahead of when it comes to higher education… GRE’s and taking classes and moving to another state if I don’t find the right program in NY state. 939 more words

Mental Health


So, I was working on a post and the entire thing got deleted. Really? I write best in the middle of the night. Even though my thoughts go all day. 809 more words


i'm having a hard night.

i miss when i mattered. i miss when i had friends. i miss when people wanted to be around me. my borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder makes me hard to stomach. 81 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

What Am I?

My counselor thinks I have Borderline Personality Disorder. People with Borderline Personalities are incredibly impulsive, have unstable interpersonal relationships and a warped self-image. It’s also marked by a parasuicidal behavior like suicide attempts and frequent suicidal urges. 376 more words

Mental Health

My ugly side

Now and again, my ugly side comes out.
I become a completely different person. Vicious, merciless, uncaring, vindictive, misanthropic and hateful.
I frighten people.
I lose control and it’s very noticeable. 147 more words

God Provides: Throwback Thursday

The following reflection was part of a sermon entitled “God Provides,” based on John 6:1-14 that was first delivered on July 24, 1994 at Zion Presbyterian Church in Fosterburg, Illinois. 391 more words