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What's killing me right now

I have been signed off work since the beginning of February when I experienced a psychosis and had to be taken to hospital where I was sectioned. 671 more words

Misdiagnosed bipolar: One girl's struggle to get the right treatment

One day, Tessa Gallo was a typical sixth-grader, performing in school plays, running on the track team, goofing around with her two sisters and giggling with girlfriends at sleepovers. 2,407 more words


The Haircut

“Come on Sarah, get your stuff together, we have to go to Baton Rouge”, my stepmother said, as she started gathering up her folders containing stacks of papers which had to be graded, later that evening. 657 more words

I'm baaaack!!!

Hello my lovelies. As you may well know it’s been a few months since I have posted. Unfortunately I spent some time in hospital, then after coming out we had issues with our internet and got fed up with our ISP so we changed to a different company who then screwed us around for 8 weeks. 1,097 more words



I say to my doctor, I’m not suicidal anymore. And I’m not crazy manic. I’m just empty. He says, I think we’re heading in the right direction? 53 more words


Chicken Little

The sky is falling, the sky is falling – this is what I have been screaming for about a month now because of all the earthquakes happening around the world. 114 more words

Hell No

Being bi-polar when you really don’t want to be…

What a stupid title…who really wants to be bi-polar? Who wants to be anything that resembles a manic, depressive, happy, talkative, withdrawn, talented person who can’t even think straight but can work on a team of analysts smart enough to piece together a puzzle worth millions? 920 more words