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Friday Fun With Friends!

I took the day off on Friday to hang out with my girlfriends, enjoy the sunshine and laugh lots!! Some snaps from yesterday :)

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Invisible bruises

In retrospect, it wasn’t as awful as it felt. In retrospect, I’m sure I over reacted. In retrospect, I should’ve handled it all better. Retrospect doesn’t change the fact that it sliced me to ribbons. 1,156 more words

22. Bi-Polar Super Powers

I’ve been preparing a blog on superheroes lately and it got me thinking. What is your bipolar super-power?

I sometimes think that with all the weird and wonderful symptoms that bipolar gives us, how are we supposed to know which character traits can be attributed to the condition and which are truly us? 430 more words



When she was just a girl

She expected the world

But it flew away from her reach 

So she ran away in her sleep

Dreamed of paradise. 

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Birthdays - from dreading them to enjoying them! #recovery

On Thursday it was my Birthday, a day that in the past would have maybe been horrendous or I would of gone through the whole day pretending to enjoy whatever I was doing when inside I was willing everything to end. 437 more words


Another poem that I wrote in the midst of all my pain in depression. When I look back at these I realise how dark things got and feel completely blessed and grateful for all the people that helped me get out of that space. 165 more words