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Those are distractions

I awoke early this morning with my body shivering and my hands were numb.  I lifted my blankets and I found that the heating pad that I had been using under the blankets to keep warm overnight had been unplugged.   324 more words

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Sunshine and Family Fun

Sunshine and family fun

sharing time and smiles

nothing else in my mind

just sunshine and family fun

BBQ and dancing children

sharing time and smiles… 32 more words


I would have liked to have a more creative name for this blog, but this subject is so scarcely discussed that something blatant had to do. 251 more words


My Bipolar Pregnancy

I had a friend recently contact me and in essence ask me, “How did you do it? How did you get pregnant and not be on medication?” or “How did you do so well on your pregnancy?” The short simple answer is I didn’t. 2,228 more words

Why Suicide?

Why Suicide?.

via Why Suicide?.

This is reblogged from BipolarBloger. I found this to be very spot on and if you’ve read some of my BP blogs and are trying to understand the complexities of bipolar disorder, this explains suicide perfectly. 35 more words

Trapped Lovers

Photo taken by a contributor in Upstate New York with bipolar disorder. While her life often feels like one obstacle after another, she is grateful to have photography, and a loving husband who helps her see color when she feels trapped in a world of black and grey. 136 more words