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2nd Assessment meeting

Yesterday was my second meeting with the Mental Health team nurse, another fact-findng one. I’d written a ‘mood diary’ – detailed, not just scored 1-10 – so handed that over. 240 more words


Those Crazy Calm days are 'Mad'.

Okay, so last Sunday I had a massive melt down. I mean stomp on the ground, ball up my fists, slam doors, scream at the top of my lungs meltdown. 693 more words

Life And Health

Sometimes We Forget

“This is a world of death. But in our gloomy thoughts and muse, we often forget that this is also a world of life! A world where babies laugh as well as cry, where caterpillars turn into butterflies, where eagles soar on invisible winds, where sunsets no one can quite capture happen every day, and where people lay down their lives for each other. 17 more words


Just," Why?"

So I think it’s been two weeks since I started taking Latuda (or larasidone). I was hoping to feel something but I don’t. I honestly think it’s already began and that once this ball gets rolling, it’s really hard to stop. 208 more words


In a nutshell

I have seen this image before, but was reminded of it today. I love the easy way Ellen Forney has expressed the varying areas of Bipolar Disorder – though it is referred to as a Mood Disorder. 175 more words


One Of Those Times…

Right now is one of those times that I really miss William. I’m up at 2:46 am, drinking coffee. I would be smoking a cigarette, but I’m vaping instead. 356 more words


Parenting teenage girls will.....

Kill you. I’m serious. It’s hell. Teen girls have the whole ‘I hate you, I hate the world’ thing down pat.

Look, I get it. I wouldn’t be a teenager again for all the money in the world. 263 more words