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Heart update

Today I obsessed (hello fellow bipolar followers – you actually really know what I am talking about, right??) over Jennifer Lawrence. I love celebrities who are down to earth and I loved her Oscar acceptance speech. 148 more words


Health update

Sorry, it has been quiet for a bit.

There are only good news on my weird side effects, energy holes, however you might call them. So, my replacement pDoc sent me to my regular physician to check up all the physical components of these events. 219 more words


Medication situation officially resolved!

My psychiatrist finally called me, thank goodness.

I’d like to give a shout-out to lorazepam, who helped me through the clutches of anxiety last night after waiting for that phone call had been eating away at me all day. 322 more words



So hello again from yet another workday morning. I’ve found it increasingly hard to get rolling first thing in the morning. For whatever reason, I’m hopelessly groggy and have a difficult time getting going. 439 more words

Mental Illness

How do you???

How do you love yourself while you see friends and family leaving you, while you are struggling to make progress but seemingly getting nowhere? How do you even live with yourself? 837 more words


The word bipolar can put fear in your heart
Because you’ll never know when it will start.
Also known as manic depression and it can become… 160 more words