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Hallucinations - hi there'

Seeing things – trippy!!! Talking to Mr. Invisible- yay a new friend!!! At least I’ll have someone who will listen to me.

Walking The Grey Line

always personal

“You would think the upswing of being bipolar would be being manic. It should be great–you need less sleep, you’re very productive, you have lots of ideas and feel like you can do just about anything. 50 more words


kill yourself

So yes, kill yourself. But not literally, kill your false self. That’s how you heal.

Those words leapt at me from this entry on takingthemaskoff.com…

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I was on such a good sleeping schedule...

I’m sitting up past midnight, when I really should be sleeping, with to many thoughts in my head as usual. It is so hard to believe that starting on Monday I’m going to be attending CU Boulder, a school four years ago I would have never dreamed of going to. 558 more words


30 Day Mental Health Awareness Challenge

Day 20: Where do you get your support?

Three years ago I met my partner and since then he has been there for every single doctors appointment, he’s sat in hospital emergency rooms for hours on end, held my hand through my bipolar diagnosis and even when I’ve tried to push him away at the lowest of the lows, he has stayed. 11 more words


Inadequate, anxious, and money money

My daughter is terrified to start high school and is having a lot of anxiety about it. She keeps TELLING me that she KNOWS how things are going to be and that as a result, she swears that she has to quit volunteering at the library and quit competition band. 718 more words