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Day 1 - 27th Nov

Well after envisaging being a dribbling mess after taking a dose of Quetiapine, I am surprised to say the sedation is not as heavy as I expected. 138 more words


From the heart and eyes of a little child

One thing about having Poppy in our lives, is it reminds you that to children, the world is very simple in so many ways. However, totally wondrous in others. 243 more words


Wandering Thoughts XII: This Shit Couldn't be Any Funnier

So, I called my bosses out a couple of weeks ago for their unethical and discriminatory actions and behavior. I wrote a 7 page letter to the store manager explaining it all and asking him to review the situation. 1,111 more words


Darkness and Light

I use to run multi million dollar businesses, be ambitious and make a pretty good living. In general life was fairly good. LIGHT.

Now I spend a lot of time in DARKNESS. 290 more words



When I’m depressed and psychotic, I usually hear music. When I’m manic, I tap my feet to it.


The Duality of My Reality

I’ll be seeing a psychiatrist for the first time in 3 days because I have some concerns about my mental health.

When I was 14, I got drunk for the first time with my musician friends. 1,041 more words


Family Gatherings and BS lies

Thanksgiving was interesting.  Overall an okay day…well the seeing family part.  But before and after were pretty rough.

This morning I was overwhelmed with anxiety on the drive to my mom’s house.   445 more words