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Bipolar & Me, our love hate relationship (part one)

I thought I would give you all an insight in to what it’s like to be me.  Anyone who knows someone or has bipolar themselves will have a basic idea as generally speaking we all have some traits in common and we have all done some very similar things.  961 more words



I always had these people, telling me what’s so wrong about me, in my life. But they wouldn’t leave.

In the end it was always me to go and them to realize: They remain with theirselves – unsatisfied.

Always. No lie.

My college needs more counselors. I felt relieved when my counselor told me she wanted to see me on a weekly basis but unfortunately, other people also experience problems of their own so she usually ends up being too over-booked to see me once a week, which is something that I need. 1,020 more words

The shadow of doubt

Good news everyone!  My attorney talked my ex’s attorney into dropping the entire litigation mess!!  This is a very good thing, I was able to walk out of mediation without giving my ex a single concession, my attorney kicks ass and takes names! 327 more words

The Bipolar Diet?!

The yearnings ‘no no’s’ of Bipolar.

-Alcohol (ah goodbye my friend)
-Recreational drugs or excessive caffeine intake (Think caffeine is my biggest loss)
-Toxic friends (even the ones you don’t realise, or they need to get with the new positive program) 175 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Medication vacation

OK, no lectures. Please. I’ve heard it all before.

Now, I’m sure you’ve come to learn that I hate my meds. I’m over it. Taking 5 medications a day gets old. 375 more words