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300+ Followers! Thank You!

Thank you all so much for supporting me and the ongoing development of this blog. I am overwhelmed with the sense of community here, as well as for the many talented writers in the blogs that I follow. 25 more words


Things I shouldn't have to apologise for, but always do anyway

I can count the number on two hands of people who know about my disorder.
It isn’t just that telling people is difficult, because a year on I am still coming to terms with it myself, but its more that the way they look at you changes. 607 more words


So Bleeping Hot

I am not sure if y’all remember but about a six months ago I moved a 300lb Oak table into the end room to turn the area into my sewing room. 138 more words



Daydreams of
Hurt inflicted
And blood,
Blood everywhere,
Vicariously relieving
The rage
Boiling within,
Maniacal grin
Reflecting the eye’s
Feral gleam,
Seeing naught
But meatbags
Just waiting to

My Poetry

The "C" Word

Over the past years the term “Gay” has become recognized as a slanderous word when used out of appropriate context. My feelings towards the “C” word are the same. 247 more words


(Tentatively) Bouncing Back

As I was searching GoogleImages for photos for this post, I was struck by just how popular the idea of the “bounceback” is.  It applies to people, places, sports teams, jobs, the economy, relationships, and just life in general.   566 more words


Mental Illness and Accountability

If we are ill, are we responsible for our behavior?


We are responsible for being properly diagnosed, and not giving up until we are. 166 more words

Attempt At Understanding