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Wish I could just wake up from a dream at nearly five am, get up, walk two paces and shit on the floor, like my fucking dog. 50 more words


Yep, I was the first person in America, and quite possibly, the world, who flipped their neighbors off with Christmas lights from my rooftop.

April 20, 2014

I am getting skinny-as-fuck AGAIN because I have completely lost my appetite, yet AGAIN.  Sometimes, on rare occasions, I am able to moderately enjoy food and taking time out of my lethargy, apathy, and suicidal tendencies to actually eat it, even sometimes at a restaurant,  but on the whole, I really fucking hate eating. 58 more words

He said

He said we sould have some new ground rules

I say everything is a rule to me and I always brake them

He said why can’t you just live to see… 70 more words

Psykisk Ohälsa


Today I was literally BANNED from posting anything but private messages on Facebook.



I thought this was where I was supposed to put all my offensive posts….guess I dropped the ball on that one.

Holding your two selves together

Growing up, I was diagnosed with anxiety at an early age. From age seven onward therapy was a regular aspect of my life- it was just another after school activity. 611 more words