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EXCELSIOR: A constant search for silver linings

It has been two days and I have watched Silver Linings Playbook three times.I have laughed and cried my way through the struggles of the characters played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence because, in the end, I see myself in both of them. 902 more words


What it is to be mentally ill...

In my personal experience, it is still hard to just jump out and say that I suffer from a mental illness. For some reason, just the subject can make people around you shut down and shut you out. 364 more words


On The Outside

…it is one in the morning and I am sitting at my computer. The stage is set, the characters are waiting, and I am ready to give the world the story that they are waiting for… 580 more words

From Kay Redfield Jamison

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”

“Madness carves its own reality.”

“I wish I could explain it so someone could understand it. 74 more words


"Suicide, what kinda talk is that??"

While we all mourn the death ofRobin Williams, let’s be oh so careful to not subtly condone suicide. When people say things like “he’s free from the pain… 128 more words

Those days when all you want is to give up

Today, I talked to my group of teenage students about being Bipolar. It came up in class as one of the boys talked about “manic-depressive” teenagers on Tumblr and how messed up they were. 332 more words