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breeze through the birch tree/

leaves all flapping like mad birds/

leaves anxious to fly

Betula nigra 'Cully'

River birch

Beautiful peeling bark
Only species of birch immune to bronze birch borere

Leaf: terminal leaf, brown stems

Full exposure near water. Grows with like species not others. 31 more words

Week 7


Well after a successful CD Release party last night for False Flag, i got up bright and early to go help my dad with some stuff. 26 more words


Birch bark

Birch, one of my all-time-favorite trees. Look at how perfect this is, the bark is great. So many colors if you look close or turn up saturation a bit. 11 more words



I’m adding meta tags to all my photos in LR. Given I have digital pictures going back to 1999, this is a bit of a task. 27 more words


The Sunday Serial: Priscilla's First Caning (Part 4) by Alex

Part 4: The Caning regime

This section is primarily intended for those headmasters who need to develop a systematic program of punishment. The more junior master may, however, find herein some useful things to bear in mind. 12,945 more words