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An interesting film that I haven’t seen before from experimental novelist B S Johnson; probably known mostly for the ‘assemble any way you like’ book in a box The Unfortunates (1969). 90 more words

Bird Is The Word


A landmark series. I haven’t seen the original till now, but have read the book.



I haven’t yet seen the 2013 film of that name but I am fascinated that the movie is based on an unpublished graphic novel. There can’t be too many movies based on unpublished material? 141 more words


Hector Umbra

Hector Umbra combines sci-fi, occult, noir and clubland influences in one explosive narrative. With a visual style reminiscent of Mike Mignola. The colour palette is wonderful. 78 more words



Perhaps you must let it all simply flood over you and grab what snippet of sense you can, if you can, at each different/individual presentation – it must be read out aloud?-  or allow humour to infect your brain; safe in the knowledge that nothing is true everything is permitted stream of conscious melodic abrupt typographic semantic porridge unit. 42 more words


all clues and no solutions

All solutions and no clues. That’s what the dumbheads want … I’d rather it was the other way around. All clues. No solutions. That’s the way things are.

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last bus for the coast

I have been looking for this live version for decades as I hate the studio album version with piano, and don’t think other live versions have the same intonation. 243 more words

Bird Is The Word