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all clues and no solutions

All solutions and no clues. That’s what the dumbheads want … I’d rather it was the other way around. All clues. No solutions. That’s the way things are.

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last bus for the coast

I have been looking for this live version for decades as I hate the studio album version with piano, and don’t think other live versions have the same intonation. 243 more words

Bird Is The Word

catch fire

At the end of the week a newly restored print of the film will be shown at the British Museum to a select 1,200 people . 125 more words


emphatically opposed

A very interesting article about book cover design in relation to Nabokov’s Lolita. And another re Ballard’s book covers. If only competent authors had more say in the complete package of their words. 82 more words


moving type

Alex Gopher – The Child 1999

I have been making a page for listing some music videos that I remember are pretty cool, and I am surprised that this video isn’t more widely known? 70 more words


salesman's dummy

Probably not something most people know about? Gallery proofs, advanced reader copies, uncorrected proofs, dummy editions.

I have a few uncorrected proofs picked up here and there, but must admit I have never heard the term… 95 more words

Bird Is The Word


A fantastic looking book, though extremely pricey these days. Perhaps this is the way most books will end up? Small editions for a select audience; with everything else being merely e-book versions. 58 more words