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I am still waiting for a ‘complete works of’ Heath Robinson. In my opinion just as madcap and inventive as his American counterpart but a much better draughtsman/illustrator; Goldberg arguably more a cartoonist.


finnegans wake illustrated

Looking like a wonderful book. All books of substance should be made this way. I wonder what is considered the most beautiful book ever made? 37 more words



It’s always wonderful to happen across little treasures that others have thrown away/forgotten/left behind. Today I picked up a 1944 hardback book How to Draw Trees… 69 more words


the giving tree

Found this book today, and can’t think of a sadder more poignant tale. The Giving Tree,¬†Shel Silverstein, 1964.


hazy autumnal sun

Pouring down with rain outside and I’m minded of the smoky protective tint scrolling down the windows in Tyrell’s apartment in Blade Runner, Tetragrammaton Cleric John Preston peeling away the obscurificating window film to see his city for the first time through emotioned eyes in… 11 more words


words on a blackboard

Probably for the third time in my life I am ‘going through’ the dictionary. Or rather I started doing so some time ago but the ‘project’ has lapsed. 306 more words

Bird Is The Word

Robert Walser

Unknowability. “I’m not here to write. I’m here to be mad.”¬†Robert Walser.

Precision and eccentricity. The unexpected word. The micro-climatology of the sentence.