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So half way through my mission to read all of Anne Sexton’s poetry , three weeks and counting. I must admit it would have been certainly ‘revolutionary’ at the time; 1960s height of the women’s rights movement, beginning of acceptance of autobiographical poetry, especially of ‘domestic’ everyday narratives, of female sexuality, of mental illness. 79 more words


Underrated movies III

It’s All About Love 2004. “Confused, convoluted, and pretentious.” The critics universally panned the film, but this genre defying movie is beautifully photographed, full of surreal moments, merging sci-fi with magic realism, and full of poignant reflections. 55 more words


fugitive pieces

I’m sure if it had been PR’ed as a ‘Jewish Holocaust’ story many would not have bothered with it which would have been a huge shame. 338 more words


Game Keeper

Perhaps one day all film pitches will come in comic book form? Recently read Guy Ritchie’s effort. Great visuals/colour palette but the story is a tad gangster-revenge predictable. 17 more words



Interesting movie but the idea is nothing new. Devil’s Night, most prominent in 1970s Detroit, was portrayed in the 1994 film The Crow, and Mischief Night/Halloween are old traditions. 30 more words



Artist Miriam Elia’s recent Pengqwen run in just shows that copyright in any meaningful way is dead? Granted the power’s that be will still continue to flex their corporate muscles to try to protect what in most cases was never really theirs anyway but eventually … Unless we all become litigants… 39 more words



An interesting film that I haven’t seen before from experimental novelist B S Johnson; probably known mostly for the ‘assemble any way you like’ book in a box The Unfortunates (1969). 90 more words

Bird Is The Word