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Who’d have thought in 1886 that the statue of  Liberty enlightening the World would come to have such an iconic status. Especially for Sci-fi.

I leaned right over to kiss your stony book…

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Of course no sooner did I blog yesterday then the skies opened up with torrential rain. Long time the end of the world scenario of man’s demise. 109 more words


ready reckoner

I have found myself in the last week collecting several old dictionaries.

  • Webster’s new school and office dictionary and atlas, 1946
  • Oldham’s Concise English Dictionary…
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I rarely seek to know anything about the personal lives of artists or authors. One is always afraid that their masterworks will turn out to be nought but thinly disguised autobiography. 83 more words



The inconsistency of memory. I long remembered a poem from ‘A’ level English, which has stuck with me always, or at least the imagery of the final line,  “they found her in the morning, daws pecking at her hands”. 249 more words


bird of rarest-spun heaven

Of course in the Indian sub-continent and the far east, trained fortune telling birds are fairly commonplace. But the Shearwater Rooks album cover reminded me of The Thieving Magpie  and knowing that apparently all the Corvus genus of birds are partial to a bit of shiny bling, I wonder whether these birds could be trained as pickpockets? 38 more words



One of my favourite albums. I guess I have always loved ‘high range’ male vocals for some reason; Beach boys harmonies, Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, Jon Anderson from YES, Peter Gabriel circa Genesis, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith etc… 77 more words