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Alex Gopher – The Child 1999

I have been making a page for listing some music videos that I remember are pretty cool, and I am surprised that this video isn’t more widely known? 70 more words


salesman's dummy

Probably not something most people know about? Gallery proofs, advanced reader copies, uncorrected proofs, dummy editions.

I have a few uncorrected proofs picked up here and there, but must admit I have never heard the term… 95 more words

Bird Is The Word


A fantastic looking book, though extremely pricey these days. Perhaps this is the way most books will end up? Small editions for a select audience; with everything else being merely e-book versions. 58 more words



Sometimes you claw through some reading because you feel you ought to rather than because you want to, necessarily. I have just finished reading another title that has been on a shelf for months, waiting, … 123 more words



An interesting radio prog. Can’t beat a bit of Borges. Condensed story telling. My biggest regret/concern about the nature of libraries these days is not necessarily down to the change in actual content . 174 more words


here be demons

Sometimes you are just too late for the party. This looked like such a great idea. Logging all the connections/references between the places, people, brands, works of art, and even drinks mentioned in different works of fiction and across all media platforms. 254 more words

Bird Is The Word

24 hour people

I recall seeing 24 Hour Psycho at the Chisenhale Gallery in East London in 2001 or 2002? Though I regret having given up after only 6 hours. 165 more words