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Goes Around, Comes Around

It was twenty ten years ago today…

In some unexpected and delightful alignment of the moon and the stars and the planets, both Ailsa and Sue have challenged bloggers this week with the same topic: Round.

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Wood Duck Eye (and a word about size)

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Wood Ducks are among the most colorful and exotic ducks around where I live. In full plumage the males brighten up the fall. 89 more words


Quiet Time

Normally when I see green herons they are very purposeful and busy sorts of birds. They can most often be found intently stalking the marsh area for small fish, shrimp, and other types of aquatic species. 36 more words

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Common Kestrel

Falco tinnunculus
Nepali Name: बौंडाइ Baudai

1. Loves to hover or perhaps that is how its hunts. Drops straight down when it sights its prey. 100 more words

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Weekly Photo Challenge - On Top

Another kayaking photo, this one on a nearby river.

My photo a day challenge came to an abrupt stop due to computer problems.  Hopefully once I upgrade my main computer I’ll be able to start back up on that again!

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Too early for swan babies

I stopped at Lake Morton in early April to see if any of the swan babies were born yet. No babies but there were nests all around the lake. 161 more words

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