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Not Hiding After All...

On a previous visit to the salt marsh, this great blue heron came gliding in on a mission. When he landed back in among the reeds, it appeared that might be exactly where he would spend the afternoon. 34 more words

Wildlife Photography


On the 19th of July, on the way home from running some errands, I decided to drive through this new neighborhood that was just built behind my own neighborhood. 641 more words


Ragihalli Birding - Bannerghatta

A delight to see Jungle Nightjar (though not able to manage the shot of this lovely guy) and Plum-headed Parakeet. Enjoy some of the pictures taken.


Nesting in Precarious Places

Well the Killdeer was in fact hiding something. After the outburst displayed in yesterdays photo, we retreated letting the Killdeer have its peace but on the way out we stumbled into their nest full of eggs being incubated by one of the pair. 60 more words


This fish looks more than a little startled to suddenly find itself in this predicament…speared on the end of an anhinga’s sharp bill as it pops up out of the marsh!

Bird Photography

A walk after work in early July.

Green heron on the shoreline of the lake.

I’m assuming this cardinal can see himself in the window?  He kept banging on it. Maybe he could see food inside. 130 more words

Bird Photography