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Of Brown and Birds

I’m not sure how my UPS driver is feeling these days. I discovered this awesome bird seed on Amazon called Wagner’s Greatest Variety, and since I started ordering it, the number of birds in my yard has steadily grown in number and species. 135 more words


New Bird Feeder

Glen and I bought a new bird feeder not too long ago. We can put both seed and suet in it, which is kind of handy. 75 more words

Common Redpolls Appearing

The birds most commonly associated with winter irruptions are the winter finches — Pine Grosbeak, Red Crossbill, White-winged Crossbill, Purple Finch, Pine Siskin, Common Redpoll, and Evening Grosbeak. 116 more words


How To Help The Birds Through Winter

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - On a quiet winter’s day, some of the busiest and noisiest spots in my neighborhood are the bird feeders in people’s yards. 163 more words

Watch + Listen

Pigeon pill: Bird birth control planned for Ohio courthouse

WOOSTER, Ohio (AP) — Love birds, beware: One Ohio county is planning to spike bird seed with birth control in hopes of keeping pigeons from despoiling the renovated exterior of its 19th Century courthouse. 109 more words


Seeing Red

To love me completely requires complete and total acceptance of my love affair with your average, ordinary backyard bird – especially the cardinal.  I mean I really love them. 237 more words

CW15: Zooey Poeticness

This week…well, each one of the underlined words below describes a zoo, one word from each of my classmates, my teacher, and myself. The assignment was to use each one of these words in a story (or poem) NOT about a zoo. 202 more words

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