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Feed the birds...

Tuppence a bag, tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag. ‘Virtual street cred’ if you know the movie that’s from. I love the sound of that song. 36 more words

The Sunflower

With apologies to anyone who clicked “like” on the earlier version of this post, but I realise the file was so enormous (all those little pictures added up) that it is taking up too much space, so I have put in this more modest version of the sunflower which I like so much, and which is still surviving, battered but no more bowed than usual, after the rain storms and high winds of the last few days.

Seed sale starts NOW...

It is true, it is true…Our seed sale starts today!
Come and stock up on all of our seeds, seed blends, and peanuts. The sale runs now through Oct. 22 more words

Pretty Junco

A lovely Junco sits on a bird feeder enjoying some seed, stopping long enough to pose for a photo.