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How to Make Your Own Pinecone Bird Feeder

Every now and then I remember to do something crafty with the kids, just to feel virtuous once every few months and not too neglectful lol! 417 more words

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The birds

Bread crumbs I’m told give birds tummy ache. And about the only problem with the house that I didn’t have was rodents so I have dissuaded my lodger for putting out plates of bread crumbs. 48 more words

Bird Seed

Squirrels: They Don't Care What You Say.

I have just recently put up my first bird feeder in my backyard. It’s on a wrought* iron post thing that I think they call a Shepherd’s Pole or something. 1,178 more words

A Weekend in Three Acts

Act One: The Irony

At the first Sunday night concert in the park of the year, Middle Sister heard the conductor say that one of the shows of the season would feature highlights from “Camelot.” She, being a huge “Camelot” fan (because of rather than in spite of its cheesiness), was thrilled. 406 more words

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