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African Splendour

Cape Rock Thrush      Montecola rupestris

This rock thrush breeds in eastern and southern South Africa. It is a common endemic resident, non-migratory apart from seasonal altitudinal movements in some areas. 141 more words


Holding still.

That one summer I made all those hawk drawings.


Hiding from the drought with a glass of wine and a veil of feathers over her head. 25 more words

German Eagle Confused

I was amused when I explored the bird with the colors black red gold = schwarz rot gold = the colors of the German flag. They have an eagle on their coat of arms, but this one seems to be in a hurry or a little confused. 46 more words

Spot the Cedar Waxwing

The photos of the darting Common Yellowthroat were overshadowed by leaves, but this shot of the Cedar Waxwing was halfway respectable. A pretty colourful bandit of a bird, with red wingtips and yellow tailtips! 7 more words


Walk This Way


Lens: 75-300mm  Focal Length: 75mm  Shutter Speed: 1/1000  Aperture: F/4.0  ISO: 200  Shutter Priority


Little Birdie

Somehow they found each other, the girls and the orphaned baby robin.  And each is receiving what they need; the robin his food, shelter and protection, the girls a lesson in motherhood and preservation. 55 more words

Family Life