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Upcycled DVDs Mosaic Birdbath for Your Backyard

To make this birdbath first you must minimize DVDs into items. Spray the items with clear gloss spray to stop them from dropping their luster and shine. 26 more words

Giving You The Bird

While 99% of the photos I take are of those…. certain critters I’m not talking about right now, I do occasionally find other subjects worthy of my digital film that I can show off on my blog.  126 more words

Saturday Squirrel

I See You There

This cute little Goldfinch was keeping a close eye on me when he came down onto the birdbath.


Robin in birdbath

Robin in birdbath drinking day
old water eyeing me closely.
Wish I had the Nikon with long lens.
A plane overhead leaving the city or coming in. 90 more words

The tilted birdbath

WHAT SORT  of loopy person leaves a birdbath tilted for over a decade when it requires only a few seconds to set it straight? That person, of course, is me. 318 more words


Concrete Large Leaf Birdbath by Chic Decorations

If you’re nevertheless seeking for a handmade bird bath to decorate your garden and yard, then we advocate this project. This natural looking bird bath will create a stunning watering spot for the birds in your yard. 28 more words