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Panama beach and birding. 5 Parque Metropolitano (Last).

After our morning exploring the town of Gamboa we arrived to Panama city where we spent 2 nights. The next day (May 16th) we visited the Parque Metropolitano, we were told chances of seeing green-shrike vireo and lance tailed manakin were high (my wife’s most wanted), it was true indeed. 337 more words


Panama beach and birding. Part 4.2 Gamboa and chagres river

On May 14th it was our last day in Gamboa, completely exhausted from our 2 long hikes, we decided to stay at the lodge and explore the birds around, we still had to see buff-breasted wren so we walked around the town of Gamboa and to the Chagres river hoping to see it as well as to try luck with capped heron which we knew chances where small and would have had better chances if we would had hired a boat trip up the river which we did not and rather walked along the road that leads to Gamboa rainforest lodge. 174 more words

Panama beach and birding, part 4.1 Pipeline road and Ammo dump

On May 14, it was “the” rainy day after some good luck we had with the weather during our trip to Panama, it began to rain just as we were ready to head for the pipeline, so we just hang out in the lodge and watch the hummers come, finally, after some doubtfull views of a violet bellied hummingbird we got to see it and photograph it, also we got some nice looks at the white bellied hummingbird and what was nice about it is that the raze here is not present in Costa Rica. 781 more words