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Snow Day

Today, we received about 10 inches of snow.  It looked very beautiful.

Was able to get some pictures of the Mourning Doves.

And some of the young does born earlier this year.


Harmonic Imagery


Public Outing at the Yeongsangang

Birding is a passion for me, and like anything one truly cares about, one wants to share it with others. Our lives are so busy nowadays, and there are so many distractions (*cough* smartphones), that it is all too easy to forget to stop and look around once in awhile. 326 more words


Idiot moments in birding

The path we were on was leading us to a pond where we would likely see some good wading birds—essentially anything in the heron family. It’s November and we were at the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Gardens for our first day birding in south Florida. 904 more words

Whimbrel at Asilomar

It was a quiet day at work today. Most of my colleagues had taken the day off, either to get a jump on holiday travel or simply to extend their four-day holiday weekend. 588 more words

Saint Louis

Potential Fish Prey of Ringed Kingfisher and Green Kingfisher in the Lower Rio Grande Valley


The examples of fish-eating birds are many; from the predominantly piscivorous Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) to the many egrets and herons (family Ardeidae) that include fish as staples of their diet, to many others. 2,017 more words