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Wilson Journal of Ornithology, Vol. 126, #4

The Wilson Journal of Ornithology
(formerly The Wilson Bulletin)

Volume 126, Number 4 CONTENTS December 2014

Major Articles
623 Long-term dynamics of bird use of clearcuts in post-fledging period… 457 more words


Merry Christmas Birdcounting!

Tomorrow Night, Friday, December 19 – International Wolf Center Lecture Series Presentation by Bill Tefft will review the importance of carcasses and the guild of species that utilize them.  81 more words


Fried Birds or Fried Planet? The Calculus of Extinction

Each day, eagles and hawks are chopped to hamburger by wind turbines. Migrating swallows are fried – cooked in mid-flight – by solar arrays. Isn’t this proof that so-called “green energy” is worse than fossil fuels? 450 more words


Bufflehead Pair

I always like to see male/female bird pairs next to each other…especially ducks.  It makes for a nice image, and also shows the species plumage as a whole.  48 more words


Black Turnstone Feeding Behavior

It is a great experience to see behaviors that obviously gave rise to a creature’s name. The Black Turnstone – Arenaria melanocephala is black, and feeds in the most interesting way as its name implies. 127 more words


2015 Calendar Now Available!

Owl Moon is proud to announce that our 2015 calendar has gone to press! It features striking images and endearing stories of some of our most charismatic patients of 2014, including “Lisa” the Snowy Owl, “Fred” the hatchling Eastern Screech Owl, and “Walnut” and “Pecan,” two fledgling American Kestrels. 59 more words